Sineads Re-Start & In Need Of Some Help! x


going to do it this time!
Hello everyone!
Some of you may remember me.. i started cambridge in April.. lost almost 4 stone very quickly in about 3 months.. and then everything started to go pear shaped really! Got myself into a relashionship, let myself go a bit, then christmas came.. went back to my old ways! Anyway.. me and my partner have split up now, as of last night!! so its still very fresh.. but i know now is the time to start cambridge again, if i have to be single & on my own.. i can least look sexy at it!! :)

I know that im going to need lots of msn buddies and other diet buddies to go through this with!.. I have about 6 stone to loose!

Any help would be so greatful!
Thankyou xx
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hi sinead,
i know what you mean about getting into a relationship, you just get comfy dont you and want to eat nice things together, take aways ect!
Anyway i have about 4 stone to lose, well more if i want to get to under 11 stone which im not bothered about really but we will see! ( id be happy been 11-12 stone)
im on week 5 and lost 22lb so far,
PM me for my msn if you like,
when are you starting?


Loving CD SS!
Good thing you're focussing on you hun. Breakups are awful, so if you can avoid the pitfalls of stuffing the pain with food, then good on ya!

Here's to you and your renewed focus on YOU! Good luck hunny!!



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you sound really focused and wanted to wish you good luck xx


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Its time to be selfish chick, and do what you need to do for YOU!
You go for it and dont let anybody stand in the way of you getting the body that you want.
Good luck


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Good luck lovely, you sound like you've got your head around it.. I'm on here quite a bit, PM me if you want my msn addy xx


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You can do it hun, uve done it before and u will do it again, your beautiful too by the way! x


going to do it this time!
aww thank you so much! I feel so down uno :( .. still cant get over my ex.. and im just taking the break up really bad! Not sure what to do to make it any better, just focusing on this diet, to be honest i dont really want to eat anyway at the moment.. just feel sick :( xxx


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good luck


Loving CD SS!
aww thank you so much! I feel so down uno :( .. still cant get over my ex.. and im just taking the break up really bad! Not sure what to do to make it any better, just focusing on this diet, to be honest i dont really want to eat anyway at the moment.. just feel sick :( xxx

Aw hun....<<HUGS!!!>>

Whoever said 'time heals all wounds' obviously led a happy life with just an odd papercut.

It'll hurt for a while, but it will become bearable, on your own time. It is still so fresh though, so let yourself hurt. Just don't hurt yourself - by punishing yourself, diving into bad food, stalking him, getting arrested, spending the rest of your youth in prison....erm, well, I guess I was just getting carried away there...oops! ;)

Seriously. Not sure what anyone can say, but if there is anyone on here who _hasn't_ 'been there' then STAY AWAY from this thread!

Those of us who have (some of us...well, several times over...sigh!), can't do much except say...

You're young, you're a pretty girl, you've got a good head on your shoulders for deciding to focus on yourself now, and...

You WILL be ok. Hang in there kiddo.



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Sinead - I did exactly the same thing letting myself go getting into a comfortable relationship (although I'm still with him!) Well done you for getting back on the wagon and all the best for a slimmer 2009!


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good luck with the re start Sinead, i now how you feel i lost a load of weight really quickly with Atkins a year ago but have now managed to put on 4 stones in a year due to me being in an emotionally bad place.
i am re starting tomorrow with CD and am determined to lose all the weight i've put on last year.
Look forward to hearing about your losses in upcoming weeks x


going to do it this time!
Claire1 ... im sorry to hear about you going through an emotional time :( its horrible isnt it!! apart of me feels like my break up is getting the better of me and i just cant do anything :( .. but im also determind to loose about 5 stone!!
You on msn or anything? messege me if you need a buddy!! xx

Jessie B

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Sinead - sounds like you're being pretty hard on yourself! Please don't beat yourself up because the break-up is 'getting the better' of you, lovely. It's only been a couple of days & it might not feel like it but I think you're doing great!

I'd probably still be curled up in a ball with pink eyes & a runny nose (I don't do the attractive crying you see in films - I go very pink with lots of snot - sorry tmi!!!)

You've already decided to change your life for the better. You're young, you're gorgeous & you're taking the first steps on a new journey, so good luck to you and Claire with your restarts xxx


going to do it this time!
awww thankyou Jessie!! :)
but beleive me.. i've done the whole, curl up under the covers in my bed, n cried myself to sleep for the last 3 nights!! :( .. i usually wear make up everyday, and i really havent these past few days lol!
sometimes i really do think.. the only person you can rely on is yourself!! xxxx


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Hi sinead, i'm not on msn or anything but def would like a diet buddy. We can keep eachother motivated !
look forward to hearing from you x