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Siobhans Journal :') From Flab to FAB!


I guess I should start this by introducing myself as the ultimate serial 'dieter' that I am! :p
I'm 23 and mummy to Eddie-Jay (Now 1yrs old) and have managed to lose and maintain a loss of 3st since shortly before I realised I was pregnant with him in May 09.
So as it stands I'm 202lbs (14st 6lbs) as of friday this week the 25th of Feb after a slight gain. It was my sons 1st birthday the 20th and we had two mini-house parties for him :D
So my overall aim is to reach 10st 10lbs just under 4st to lose. Im currently a size 14 despite my heavy weight - I have a large frame and been blessed with good bone structure, so the lowest is 10st 10lbs and the highest forseeable (reached before!) is 12st on the dot.
Here I am.. after countless attempts diet switching calorie counting this that & the other. I'm sticking with SW. It WORKS plainly and simply, its me that needs to work with it :rolleyes:

Feel free to comment or add me as a buddy on here :p

Love as always,

Siobhan xx
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Welcome siobhan!

Great stuff that you have come back :) we all need support at times and this is a great place to start!

Good luck and if need help on anything just let me know :)

Saturday 26th February (Flexi Day!)

So guys today is a 'flexi' day (or was since this is in past-tense) went bowling with the sister-in-law and a few other friends & knew beforehand that I would be drinking etc and so tried to be good throughout the day to try and limit the damage - here goes:

None! Oops woke up too Late. Had a cuppa out of 150ml HEA allowance of skimmed milk

Jacket potato (Small), 1/2 tin of baked beans and 14g of grated cheddar cheese - other half of HEA (must stress I *dont* advocate using HE's this way but my consultant who is a good friend assured me its fine ;))
Muller light, 1/2tbsp of Honey *0.5 syns* & small banana.

Snack before going out:
2 clementines

Snack whilst bowling:
Walkers steak and onion crisps - 8 syns

Drinks whilst bowling:
Malibu & diet coke x 3 (25ml measures) - 7.5 syns
Bulmers - 1.5 bottles (regular) - 18 syns
Bottle of Asti Spumante - 30 syns (approx)
Slices of pizza x 2 - 20 syns approx
Chips - 5 syns approx
Kebab meat & bit of mayo - 10 syns approx

So all in all a rather bingeful night although for me thats actually quite timid. I feel it IS better though to write all this down than to ignore it and pretend it never happened..

Flexi syn count?: Around 99 on the dot! If I had eaten more yesterday I would be a little worried but because I hardly ate before going AND played 3 games of bowling I feel slightly better about it ;)

Welcome siobhan!

Great stuff that you have come back :) we all need support at times and this is a great place to start!

Good luck and if need help on anything just let me know :)

Thanks Nikki thats lovely of you :eek:
Glad to be back! Heres to a week on track! xx
100% week :) Ive been slacking this week.

Sounds like you have had a great day! Not been bowling in ages!

Sunday 27th of February (Semi-Flexi..I'm easing myself in, here!)

Well today is sunday and *ordinarily* I would have let today be uber flexi and ended the weekend with a bang (otherwise known as sweet and sour chicken and chips from the local chuffin chinese!! :rolleyes:) but alas I've actually been pretty good. Not fantastic (that comes tommorow) but definitely better than before..So...

2 x slices of wholemeal bread from 400g loaf HEB
Mushrooms, sliced and dry fried, 1/3 tin of baked beans.

Muller light yogurt & small banana
cup of coffee made from 300ml skimmed milk HEA

Snack: Sugar free redbull, clementine & small apple

Corned beef ash (potatoes, stock cubes, mushrooms, carrots, onion and corned beef) 5 syns for corned beef
1 x slice of wholemeal small loaf bread (I was staaarving by this point!) 3 syns

Options hot chocolate made with HEA milk from earlier - 2 syns
Ryvita currants & rye cracker breads (oops!) x 3 - 9 syns
Raspberries (handful)

Total syns for day: 19
Overall really pleased with today. Decided not to be so harsh about the syn count as I really havent eaten a massive amount today majority fruit and vegetables etc. Ready for tommorow with gusto!

Love as always,

Siobhan xx

Had a great time Nikki - wasnt really in the mood for drinking to be honest after seeing my 1lb gain friday! But had to be sociable wouldve been rude hehe ;)
On to our 100 percent week now! xxx :)
Mmm corned beef yummy! Sounds like a lovely meal!

Went to Hungry Horse pub for dinner today and they do a bucket of chicken wings with a dip 10 per bucket....were divine...even though I had to mess at getting the skin off!

If you struggle this week or just need a kick up the bum (big or small kick!) let me know!

Monday 28th February - Green

Monday 28th February 2011 - GREEN day
Cant believe my little boy Eddie got to my notepad and destroyed the copy I had :cry:
Gonna try my best from memory guys!

2 x small wholemeal bread (heb1)
baked beans, mushrooms
small banana

Cup of coffee and sliced apple (using hea1 - 350ml skim milk)

Jacket spud (small/medium sized), baked beans, cottage cheese.
Shape yoghurt - 5.5 syns

Hot chocolate (hea1) ** 2 syns **

Quorn shepherds pie using hea2 cheese as topping 14g used rest for coffees!
Shepherds pie consisted of quorn mince, vegetables, soy sauce, bit of passata, stock cubes x 2 and a spoon full of gravy ** 1 syn **

Dessert/Later snacks
2 x weetabix - heb2, 2 x eggs beaten, sweetener, options ** 2 syns ** microwaved! Made sortve a sponge :eek:

And thats the lot :D
Tuesday 1st March - Extra Easy

Tuesday 1st March ( new month ALREADY!) EXTRA EASY

HEB1 - 2 x weetabix
HEA1 - 350ml skim milk
Teaspoon of honey ** 1 syn **

Chopped and peeled small apple
4 wotsits (yes 4!) ** 1 syn to be safe **
Hot chocolate with HEA ** 2 syns **
Few slices of chopped turkey

Small jacket potato
Passata, mushrooms, cottage cheese (free - tesco, I checked it!), handful of chopped turkey.

Muller light raspberry & cranberry
Grapes red seedless
Coffee using HEA

1 medium chicken breast
Brocolli, carrots, sweet potato & small amount of red potatoes.
Gravy measured amount ** 1 syn **

Muller light vanilla sprinkled with choc & medium banana
'Go bananas' Options hot chocolate & dash of milk ** 2 syns **

Snacks throughout the day (need to cut this down!!)
Grapes, red, seedless
Few teaspoons of Eddies baked beans!
Bit of Eddies dessert ** 1 syn **
Almost 1 finger of kitkat ** 2 syns **

Would love any feedback if anyone is reading this!
Nikki thanks for the offer of a boot up the arse - I NEED to stop picking at Eddies bits & bats! ;)

Love as always,

Siobhan :eek:

Sounds like your food plan is going fab! The only thing I couldnt understand is having 5.5syns on a shape yoghurt, is it worth it?

I need a kick up the bum right now :-( not lost in 3 weeks now and I'm getting disheartened.

Hope your well x
Nikki - totally NOT worth it to be honest..
I really fancied it and thankfully it was the last one :eek:

I tried calorie counting a few weeks and ended up in a terrible mess - and full of spots!!

Aw hun why the lack of losses? Just one of those things or struggling to stick to plan?
Sometimes it all gets a bit much doesn't it xx
I try so hard to stick to plan and prob having my full 15syns a day so that might the problem.. Unless my alcohol consumption is a little high haha. I'm on the wagon now so no alcohol for a week and see how it goes between now and Tuesday.

That's good that it was the last one then! Hopefully it's all good planning now then! X
Good evening :) hope you have a good day?

Ive been extra good today so feeling good about the rest of week!


Hey Nikki:

Sorry havent been around been sooo busy but been on plan so..
Kept a journal of everything Ive eaten in my phone about to write up.

Hope youre well hun

eddiesmum2002 said:
Hey Nikki:

Sorry havent been around been sooo busy but been on plan so..
Kept a journal of everything Ive eaten in my phone about to write up.

Hope youre well hun

Was worrying hun! Thought you may have slipped off plan but really proud you haven't!

Look forward to seeing your diary :)

Wednesday 2nd March

Wednesday 2nd March

Green Day!

2 x coffee using HEA1 (300ml skimmed milk)
Few tbsp baked beans & dry fried mushrooms
Banana and 1tsp honey ** 1 syn **

Brown rice, passata, mixed vegetables, bit of sweet potato and carrot.
Literally a mouthful of hotchocolate ** 0.5 syns **

Snack at play-area with Eddie :p:
Fibre plus (HEB1)
Coffee x 2 - HEA1 remainder

Wholemeal pasta, pasta sauce
** 6 syns ** , quorn mince & mushrooms.
Muller light & banana sliced.

Evening snack:
HEB2 - 2 x weetabix original, sweetener, HEA2 of skimmed milk
Honey ** 1 syn **

Total: 8.5 syns ;)

Thursday 3rd March

Thursday 3rd March
Weigh Day Today: -3lbs

Extra Easy Day!!!

1/3 tin of baked beans, 2 x ww wholemeal bread (HEB), 3 x mushrooms sliced, coffee (HEA - 350ml skimmed)

Stewed steak ash, potatoes mixed vegetables and gravy ** 3 syns **
Small pancake estimate ** 5 syns ** literally tiny!!. Sliced Apple, Coffee made with whole milk ** 1/2 syn ** and sweetener.

Few wotsits and smarties ** 2 syns ish **

Chicken fillet, potatoes, carrots, mixed veg, gravy & ketchup ** 2 syns ** Muller & Banana.

2 x scrambled eggs and baked beans (was hungry by 9pm!)
Coffee using remainder of HEA

Total syns estimate: 13ish
Not bad to say today is 'weigh in'
Overall a decent loss to say Ive been in the game but messing about for a while :p

Siobhan x

Friday 4th March

Friday 4th March

Extra Easy Day

HEB Porridge (oats so simple) made with small measured amount of HEA of milk allowance (350ml skimmed) water, and sweetener.
1 medium banana and 1 tsp of honey ** 1 syn **
Coffee using HEA

Coffee (HEA)
Few wotsits (literally 3) ** 1 syn **
Ryvita oat bran (part of HEB with oats so simple)

Few baked beans
Lettuce cucumber mushrooms
Chicken and small amount of mayo ** 2 syns **
Strawberries, grapes and a muller light.

Bit of Eddies (free) pasta, red grapes.

Medium jacket potatom quorn mince, spag bol sauce ** 4.5 syns ** salad.
Muller light and mixed fruit.

Sugar free redbull
Sweet & Sour Mugshot.

Total Syns For Day: 8.5 :)
Saturday 5th March

Saturday 5th March

Extra Easy Weekend

3 x bacon fat removed, small bunch of grapes, ww wholemeal bread x 2 (HEB), Ryvita slices x 3 - ** 6 syns **

Lunch: (Garden centre so treated myself!)
Mugshot chicken
1 x small slice ww bread ** 3 syns **
Carrot cake x 1 small slice (unsure of syns!)

Snack once home:
Barbeque chunks of chicken from Iceland - half pack ** 1.5 syns **
Coffee with 1 stick of sugar ** 1 syn **
Ryvitas x 2 ** 6 syns **

Denaby dale meat & potato pie - Unsure of syns but had to be honest with the diary.
Small pot of mushy peas.

Apple crumble and small amount of chocolate custard.
Baileys 25ml x 2 ** 8 syns **
250ml semi milk ** 6 syns **

Not going to bother adding up the damage guys as I cant get a true reading but overall - this is a pretty tame saturday for me. Minimal alcohol. And that for me is brilliant. xx

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