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six weeks holiday panic!


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hi there
its the 1st day of the six weeks holiday
great i get 6 weeks off work - but i'm already feeling 'hungry' and have been picking all day
ive not gone over my limit - but have eaten 3/4 of my daily food already (i'm week 8 RTM)

at work its really easy and i only have eaten about 1/4 of my days food by this time which allows me to pick at night when i get the most hungry.

so any ideas?!!!

the weather doesn't help as its been rubbish today and just as i am about to go out the heavens have opened

i just am worried about going back to work a stone heavier!

daisy x
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Mel P

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Hi Daisy,

You have done so well up to now and I'm sure you'll get through this, but I know how difficult it will be. I tend to be the same ... not much to do and I reach for the food (any!).

Keep busy and up your exercise to couteract any days you may go over plan. You may also want to put a before and after photo up in an appropriate place so that each time you think your going to stray, look at the photo's and think twice.

You could also try spending more time on here to take your mind off things ;)

Good luck.


sukie sue

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hi daisy , times like this i just raided the veggie drawer , lots of carrot and cucumber sticks to snack on . also quickly stir frying up some veg will give you a satisfying warm snack without busting the belt so to speak , youve done amazing so far hun , im sure youll get into new healthy habits in no time . x


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S: 12st6lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st12lb(14.94%)
hmmm............ i hope so
just been weighed - have put on 3lbs in 17 days.

not good, but not the end of the world
i need to re-focus i think

daisy x

Blonde Logic

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Hi Daisy.....

You have done so well, and are still doing so well....but I just want to say 3 lbs is easy to get rid of. Even 4 is. 5, it starts to feel a little bit like work/deprivation. You hit 6 and its still manageable, but a little scary, and it suddenly starts to feel pretty bad.

And its easy to sneak back up to 5,6 or even 7 pounds above your comfort zone. It happens before you know it! ;)

I'm only saying this, because for the first 9 months of RTM, I bounced up and down quite happily and easily at about the 3 pound mark. It was manageable, but now, after me blip in dealing with Vincent, 7 pounds felt hard. ANd unpleasant. It crossed the line.

So, if I can give you any advice - and its from the heart as I have just been through it - if you really do pout your mind to it now, and re-focus - you will nip it now...quickly, and not even notice you did it. ANd you will be so pleased you did. :)

That way is much more enjoyable....:)

I hope that helps. :)

Your a star though - I have no doubt you will master it. :)

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Even though I'm still in abstinance I have started planning complete menus for the week and shopping accordingly. This has made me feel much more in control of the food in our house which has been quite a liberating and powerful feeling. Maybe planning could help you.

Drinking plenty may also help and using a mint mouth spray or brushing your teeth when you get the urge to eat can put you off wanting to snack.

You have done so well in loosing the weight in the first place it is now that you are still learning how to maintain and it's going to take practice to work out strategies to do it, but you've done the most important thing which is recognising the danger point.


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Hi Daisy, I don't really have any advice other than what's already been said. Just wanted to show some support and say good luck. I know it's not the most appealling thing but housework takes my mind off most things. Getting stuck into cleaning or clearing something out is good....not sure there would be enough to occupy 6 weeks though......even my house is not that dirty....:D


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Daisy - What would you do to keep busy normally?

Are your kids of an age that craft type activities would be of interest? I find that sitting down and creating things with mine takes my mind off food. Plaster of paris is a good one - have to stay with it to finish. We have done handprints recently and collected bits and bobs to make up individual photoframes.

Good luck. xx

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