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Hi All,

Not been around for a while..............not for any particular reason except for being really busy:sigh:. I am off on my hols :flirt2:4 weeks yesterday so have been really, really good lately to try to get to goal before I go. Well have been going through my summer clothes and have listed loads on ebay as they are now too big:D Yipppeeee!!!! I went into town today to see what summer clothes were in the shops and I bought my first pair of size 10 crops:) I am pretty chuffed to say the least. I am still a size 14 top though because of my great big hooters:cry:. I am gonna start saving for my breast reduction operation..........I have made up my mind. Even so I am so very happy with the way things are going:).
I hope everyone else is doing good and I encourage anyone that is struggling to keep going as it is all sooooooo worth it in the end. Big hugs to all:hug99:xxxx
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Hey Bernice well done you, not long for us now. !!

How long are you doing TS till ? Are u going to do WS a week or so before you go ?? X


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Size 10, can't ever remember being that tiny, well done to you!!


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Well done. I've been in 10s both of the last 2 summers, its a great feeling isn't it. Were you like me, making sure the other shoppers got a good look at the labels (or is that just me?).
Keep up the good work and don't make my mistake of putting it all back on!


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well done bernice


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Grats Bernice. That's one of the best feelings getting into another size bracket. I spent this weekend going through my clothes too and already back in some of my 14's :)

Good luck with the saving. I'm pretty heavy chested too and last time I lost weight I didn't lose even one cup size :( but I'm too chicken to think about a reduction.


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Keep Going :D you have done brilliant and are a great inspiration to someone like me ! :Dxxx


Fantastic !!! Well done. I hope to be there soon . I'm a size 16 and would love to get back to a size 10 but would be very please if I reached a size 12. You must be so buzzing xxx


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S: 13st0lb C: 8st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 4st1lb(31.32%)
Thanks for all of your kind words it means a lot.

Shanny...........I am going away for the weekend in 2 weeks time so I think probably I will do WS at that technically I only have 2 weeks really. Oh well I won't let it bother me............I will just come back off my hols and get to goal then. How is it going with you??
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Great to hear from you Bernice, and fantastic news on the size 10, you're doing so well. I hope the next few weeks fly by for you and you'll soon be at goal and enjoying your fab new look on your holidays!
Stick with it, you know you can get there :)