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Size 10 Levis will have to wait till Xmas 09!


Back on the wagon!
I have spent most of my time on the LT forum since joining in June. Lost 65lbs in total and have about another 2 to go to be in my Size 10 levis....and have just discovered I am pregnant - about 7 weeks so its early days yet.

Went off LT when I got the postive result - using some of the low GI principles I have been reading up about....

Bettyboo...has done so well! not gaining any weight - I want that to me too!!!
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Big congrats on your news :party0011:
I started my pregnancy at 18st 10lbs and came out the other end at 16st 3lbs!Did not weigh myself all the way through though.
I had a 12lb 2oz baby as well lol:eek:and she was early!
I ate super sensibly as I had gestational diabetes and I could feel the weight drop off even though I looked bigger iykwim.
You can totally do this without gaining.

x Best of luck x


Back on the wagon!
Oh thanks for that post! I am really keen that I dont pile on the weight over the next 230 days....are there any tips you can share??
Sorry for delay-have picked up a virus along with the kids so haven't been on much x
The reason I lost weight when I was pregnant is because I really wanted her to be okay and focused on being healthy.I think that it was a case of mind over matter.
Bear in mind that I was obese at start and so would only be expected to gain 15lbs anyway.You have done really well and it would be normal for you to show a gain whilst pg.
My best advice is dont weigh yourself throughout and enjoy eating healthy choices.You are doing it for your baby.DO NOT starve yourself and dont make unreasonable demands on your body.You are sustaining new life but dont go into your pregnancy with the mindset that you are able to indulge and all that feeding for two stuff.
I hope I dont sound condecending-Im
Whoops lol

Im just passing on what worked for me :0)

I now need to lose the weight that has accumulated with having three children-the last two within two years of each other-and suffering from pcos.

I want to be healthy for my children.Motivation to keep me going.
You obviously have drive to have lost all that weight so well done you x

You will be absolutely fine-a true yummy mummy xxx


Back on the wagon!
oh thanks really appreciate your comments. I dont want to become obsessed with weightgain as having a healthy baby is THE most important thing to me..... I really didnt gain that much last time but that was over 6 years ago......and you get older your metab slows down......will stick to healthy eating, try to keep carbs to a minimim...lots of fruit and veg! Will keep posting! Best of luck you on your journey....what diet are you following.....I had great results on Lipotrim.....in a very short space of time...think its the reason I got pregnant!! (So use with care!!! LOL)
Oh congratulations! im dieting so i can get pregnant as at the moment im having no luck :( so its on hold till im healthy :D


Back on the wagon!
HI DaneKatie....we had given up....and I lost 65lbs on LT and hey presto!! So best of luck - losoing weight does help!


Back on the wagon!
He he....well I think your sex drive goes up cos you feel so much better about yourself. However, weight loss increases fertility levels.....obviously lots of overweight people get pregnant however it can be a factor for some who are having problems....

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