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Size 16 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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ok so was bored this evening and i needed some new jeans so before i went out to see if i could find some i thought i'd rummage through my cupboard where i have some nice summery skirts hung up from like 2/3 years ago - thought what the heck try one on - size 16 and it bloody well fits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so happy i even ran downstairs and showed my mum and dad and texted my gma!!!!!! lol

Well then i went to asda - to see the jeans - i tried on an 18 - a little tight but not much but i didnt buy them cuz im such a short ass and they were too long (and they were a short length! lol)

So will have to venture into town and buy some soon :( i hate town! lol
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I will be skinny again!!!
Lol I used to hate going shopping too!! but when I went on saturday and tried a size 14 dress on in Miss selfridge and had to get my mum to get me a size 12 I was estatic and loved it!!

You may surprise yourself how much you enjoy it once you start buying smaller sizes :)

Well done chicken xx
Its fantastic to see progression like that . well done you deserve it :D:D
That's brilliant hun, well done.
ChellyWellyBoot could be right, you may love shopping once your buying the smaller sizes...


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Thanks guys :)

Chelly - i cant ever remember liking shopping - even when i was slim! I just cant stand people getting in my way, trying it on in the shop - the whole thing annoys me lol

Now shoe shopping i love! lol
Well done, I can't wait to start seeing the differenace in my dress size. Hoping to see it before my cousins hen at the start of May.


I will be skinny again!!!
I used to be the same!

Lived in trackies or just stole my sisters clothes...

But im growing a fondness for it..

Plus I have frig al fashion sense and dont have a clue what looks good... Like the pic I put up today, I sent to chris and he said i looked like a farmer lol!


One last chance
Yay!! well done girl!

One of the best feelings form LT, the loose clothes.


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Yep! Smaller sizes is one of the best incentives! Well done hun! Enjoy that skinny feeling!!!


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Ahhhh Summer thats fab!! Oooo im so jealous! Must feel sooooo good to get into a new size!! Even though i've lost weight it seems to be taking me forever to get into a 14 haha! Nice one hun :D xx
Well done you.

It's a great feeling getting into smaller clothes isn't it.

Maybe I should pass my trousers onto you as I'm a short ass too !


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Well done you!
Soon you'll be getting rid of those and getting even SMALLER ones!
Know what you mean about the short legs, I'm the same :(
Matalan do varying leg lengths, which is better than the usual short, regular and long. Even I as a 5'4" person (with the legs of a 4'10" person attatched!) can get a fit there. :)


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thanks everyone :)

i dont understand my legs i really dont :( lol but hey ho!
awww that's such a good feeling love well done -you sooo deseve it!


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cheers brose :D


Crawling to the finish!
well done :) great milestone, and more to come, your doing brilliantly! xx


Here we go again!
Well done Summer, no wonder you were thrilled. Keep going cos you will soon be celebrating getting into those size 14s!

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