Size 18 jeans


its a long road
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I know to some people getting into a brand new pair of size 18 jeans isn't much to be happy about but for me its made me so happy im now wearing my new jeans with happy tears in my eyes!!!

so what if there a bit tight ( great Christmas ) they fit me!!!

sorry i just wanted to share this with someone and well your all here lol xxx

New Year .... Improved me

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Brilliant! I am so happy for you. Well done.

maxine uk

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congratulations, can i join in with this too, i have just wiggled into my 18 combats, and i feel really emotional in a good way, ive come from a size 26/28 so come on bring on the size 16's:D


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Well done. That's brilliant! x


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What a fab Christmas present, well done you!! xx


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Its a great feeling isnt it ...well done :)

I too for xmas just go into a size 16 pair of little black shorts, tho like yours a little bit so shuffed i could even just fasten them...bring on the 14's next :)


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Congratulations!! I'm thrilled that the jeans I wore before I started SW are now too big so i have to wear a belt so they don't fall down!! I'm looking foward to getting down another size shortly!! Well done you :D


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Well done hun!! :) I too was soooo happy to be able to get into 16's. Shopping is way better too ;)