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Sizes -Top and Bottom - Pearshaped Ladies!


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S: 135kg C: 42.7kg G: 75kg BMI: 16.1 Loss: 92.3kg(68.35%)
In Sweden sizes are different than in the UK so all this talk of dress sizes you ladies have on here usually just passes by my ear and I get nothing :D

Nonetheless I made some conversions to UK sizes today and realized that while I very pleasingly went into a size 10 jacket this morning (to my absolute shock considering my huge BMI and the fact I have so much more to lose), my bottom is still 16 and sometimes 18! (although on some things I may slide into a 14 if I pull real hard LOL)

Now for those of you who also happen to be naturally pear shaped, is there hope they will equalize, e.g. will the weight loss move to my behind and tights or will it continue equally all over and hence render my top into a virtual walking skeleton while my bottom remains awfully plum?

What have you found?
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Hi MissAma.
I am a 12 or 14 up top and a 14 or 16 on bottom.
My problem is my hips - my waist comfortably fits size 12 skirts, as long as they are not tight on the hips. So I have trousers and skirts that always gape at the waist.

I think you can change your shape, but not through diet alone.
I've noticed my hips are starting to get smaller, but only since I've been going on my x-trainer regularly.

With exercise I think it can be done :)


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S: 135kg C: 42.7kg G: 75kg BMI: 16.1 Loss: 92.3kg(68.35%)
You're so proportional hon! Lucky you!

*Sigh* Looks like it's gonna be anorexic top and still fatty bottom at goal then.

No matter, plenty of time and need for serious exercise over my next 40/50 years so I'll mold it to proportion!


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S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
Well I am a size 10 top and and 12 bottom........
Its funny how weight decides where it comes from.. I am sure it will all equal out though hon.. it has too otherwise everyone would look out of proportion.. and you dont see that much!


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I am a 14/16 top and a 16 bottom, although my thighs are massive. i'm relatively in proportion size wise, and only want to drop to a 14 bottom and a 12/14 top (but need to lose another 4 inches from my bust to get into a 12 and can't see that happening with 20lbs to lose)

although to be a size 10 would be amazing, i know it would be too small for me as i'm big framed and tall. i plan on joining the gym to lose a few more inches. i think that will really help, do you go to the gym? if so, maybe they can do up a specific training schedule to target the areas you want to lose inches from most, thats what im planning on asking for.


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S: 14st0lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1st10lb(12.24%)
Thanks MissAma, but I don't feel it!!! Everything is in proportion apart from my hips.
I can feel the fat globules inside them and wish I could just melt them!!!
I would love to be a size 10 and that is my goal. At 10 stone I'll be size 10 although maybe I'll be a size 8 top and size 14 trousers lol


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Hi MissAma, I too am pear-shaped. I'm now a size 10 top, and depending on which shop, a size 10 or 12 bottom. I went through a stage where I was lost more inches from the top, but it did eventually start shifting from my bottom half. I'm certainly not a gym bunny, I just go on a 30 min brisk walk a day and use a leg toner machine which is in my kitchen whilst the kettle is boiling. I'm never going to have perfect legs, but they are a lot better than they was, and I'm now more in proportion. Hope this helps. :)


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S: 135kg C: 42.7kg G: 75kg BMI: 16.1 Loss: 92.3kg(68.35%)
Just wanted to update on this two months later nearly. It is -to my shock, on my last leg of the race and maybe too late LOL- starting to equalize.

My top is 8 or 10 and my bottom is now 10 or 12. -Just tried on the first pair of trousers in the past... 20 years I guess and they were a 10. In fact, I looked at them when I picked them off the rack and thought "Hmmm maybe these are good for the next piece of goal clothing even if I never get into them, dang these things are miniscule!" and then took them to the trying room and seriously considered if I shouldn't give up trying them on as they would destroy my day, they looked like something made for dolls not humans and I KNOW my tighs and arse are elephant-like still be it for the amount of loose skin but then for fun thought I'd see if they even go past my calf and I was in utter shock to see they were going all the way past flab and skin and astounded to see they closed and even left that annoying space around the waist. - I bought them. Don't think I'll be brave enough to wear them without thinking I am huge but I had to, I was shocked how well my behind looked in them and how they are a normal-people-size!

Body image is a funny thing ........
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