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Sketchers Shape Ups


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No idea, i want some easy tones but currently cant justify the cost of 70-90 quid on a pair of trainers. My mum has fitflops and they have worked for her. There not miricle workers but they will make your legs work more.

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I have a pair & you definately feel a 'burn' in your legs & bum when you're out walking in them. They are very comfortable too so even though they are expensive I would definately recommend them. I'm going to treat myself to a pair of their tone up flip flops at the beginning of next month


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hey there,
i have a pair of them and i have to say in the 1st few days i did notice that my legs had a little bit of that "sore muscle" feeling like you have just worked out.now its nothing major but you can feel it.but after the initial first few days i didnt feel that again,but thats not to say they werent working,maybe i just got used to them.
I wouldnt be too pushed to go out and buy another pair,id rather just walk up a few extra hills...


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I have a pair of the ankle boots, I noticed the back of my legs ached at first, but I soon got used to them, I don't think I would pay full price for them, as I got mine off eBay...

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There have been other threads on these shoes, not just on the SW forum but on other minimins forum as well. But if you want to do a search, remember to spell it Skechers, not Sketchers.


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I've got a pair of the tone-up flip flops and the shape up trainers and I LOVE THEM.

Now... I honestly haven't noticed a difference in them toning my legs or bum but they are the most comfy footwear I've ever worn in my life.

I always struggle with shoes - most shoes rub me somewhere on my foot causing blisters, or the soles are so hard that the soles of my feet kill after a bit of walking. My skechers don't do either - they are really cushioned and fit really well.
Also they really help with your posture. I always used to get bad lower back pain after walking a while, and this dissappears when I'm wearing them, I think because it helps with my posture.
Although now I can say I get lower back pain whatever... but that's got more to do with my pregnancy than anything else :p
Just watch the sizing, they're quite generous so you're better off checking the sizes first, or ordering 2 and sending one back.


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