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Skin Trouble

I was just wondering whether anyone else on the forum has got psoriasis? I have been on LL for nearly 4 weeks now (and Celebrity Slim for the 4 weeks before that) and my skin is the worst it has been in my entire life. I obviously don't know whether this is down to the diet or not, although I'm not sure how quick the skin can react to diet. Just wondered whether anyone else has suffered and whether they could offer any advice. I don't want to give it up as it is brilliant.

Polly x
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Hi Polly. I don;t know your answer, but my husband has psoriasis. He suffers with it quite severely. I just wanted to tell you he has been using pure petroleum on it, and he is having amazing results in both comfort and condition. This was reccomended by a tattoist who had a customers psoriasis improve after treating a new tattoo with vaseline. He has had amazing results. Just thought I would pass that on, as I know from witnessing him just how horrendous this can be. Espcially in hot sticky heat. :(

I hope you improve.

Thanks BL I will give it a go, something has got to bring some relief. I will not give up though 'cos it works too well and in every other respect I feel better than I have for years!
Polly x
Hi Polly
I know it's not the same but I had very bad eczma before starting LL and now it has completely disappeared. Maybe there's something in the LL packs you are intollerent to?
I hope the pain has eased a bit now the temperature has gone down a Take care
Thanks again BL, I am pretty good on the water and normally average 5 litres when I'm home although more like 3 when I am at work so I should be fairly well hydrated but I will start measuring again to make sure. I used some vaseline last night and guess what it actually felt loads better with just one application so I am forever in your debt for that piece of advice.

Rachel I will bear in mind what you say about a possible allergy and be more aware of when I flare up and whether there was anything stressful going on at the time. Well I shall soldier on as I want to be in a little black dress for christmas!

Polly x
LTP - I am glad the Vasoline helped you - it has been a MIRACLE for my OH's problems. His main areas of trouble are knees, elbows and now almost all of his legs. He was forever scratching, and making it worse, but could not stop, etc. He has tried EVERYTHING the doctors have given him, short of PUVA treatment.

All the cortosoid creme worked for a short time, then lost their effectiveness, so as long as I have known him, he has had horrible patches that always looked raw and angry.

Now, after 3-4 weeks with Vasoline - his elbows look NORMAL!!!! The thick patches are GONE!!! He now has elbows like everyone elses....its amazing. He applies it about 2 times a day, and I have never seen him look better. All the flakes are gone, and he seldom itches.

I found a very good article supporting using V to treat it - when I get home I will post you a link. Funny what the doctors won't tell you, ay? But as said - its a miracle for him, and I am glad you felt relief to.

Heartfelt sympathy to you - Ps is such a horrific condition, and no one knows how bad it is unless they have it themselves or lives with one who does. Makes me sad to see people suffer with it, so I am sorry you have to. :(

So - good luck - hope it continues to work as well for you as it has for him!!

i have psoriasis on my knees elbows and circles of it alover my legs iv not started LL yet im waiting for a group but i was hoping this diet would clear it ?
i have psoriasis on my knees elbows and circles of it alover my legs iv not started LL yet im waiting for a group but i was hoping this diet would clear it ?
Unfortunately, the sad truth as I am sure you know, nothing will clear it, but it might improve.

I don';t think the diet has caused Pollys flare ups myself, just coincidental timing - or the stress of the diet may have, but not the nutritional aspect of it, etc. Just my guess. :)

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