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S: 14st8lb G: 11st6lb
well i just had my 4th weight in and i have done really well losing another 6 pounds (athank you) and you can defo see it now so im defo delighted. i guess firstly im posting this so that it might inspire a few others to keep going cos i was SUCH a disbeleiver in the beginning until i saw my friends weight drop off and even then thought i wouldnt last. but here i am 25 pounds the lighter wahaay. andyway on to my main point...
ive noticed that im getting slimmer everywhere and thats great but int he places where i had the most problems aka my tummy and my thighs there is still bits that stick out but they are now really soft and sqishy so i beleive its not fat anymore but just the skin that hasnt changed at the same pace i have. im starting to worry that it wont shrink back because or the speed at which im losing. has anyone had a similar experience or can anyone who has lost a lot of weight and finished a while now got any tips or can tell me if they still have this problem.

thanks a mil guys xx
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they say it can take up to 18 months for your skin to fully recover after loosing weight quickly , and yes some people will have some saggy skin that without surgery may never go back fully ( its all down to genes etc ) but you can do a few things to give your skin every chance it has .. first is moisturise regularly , I use Palmers cocoa butter firming cream ( about £5 for a big bottle so not bad and smells amazing :) , and the other is toning excersises and muscle building . In order to 'fill out the skin ' a bit you need to build some muscle under it , so any toning excersise that concentrates on the problem areas will really help :)

I would much rather have a bit of saggy skin that only me and OH will see than be huge again :) ( I have lost nearly 6 stone , and have had 2 children and my skin is a little 'doughy ' on my stomach but no where near as bad as i imagined it would be :)
Hey Mollypop,

now I havent lost a massive about compared to others on here in the five weeks I have been on but I find my belly, bum, arms especially feel like jelly!

I was going to rent a vibro plate but it wasnt too much more to buy one, tried it last week and thought it was great so went mad and bought one. (started a tread on here and everybody had good reports about it)

They wont make you fit but they are all about toning which is what we need to do to combat the loose skin. They say it takes 2 weeks to see the results so watch this space. it arrives and monday and I will keep you all updated. :D


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S: 14st8lb G: 11st6lb
ya ive been using that myself at the gym (and only that haha) mt arms and shoulders in particular are lookinh good but i dont really see how i can focus it more on my tum. maybe ill just have to get to the floor and do some situps buh


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Hi Molly, A lot depends on your age as well. If you are young your skin will go back much sooner than if you are older. Unfortunately I am in the later category so I can't see my skin ever recovering without surgery. I can't afford that so it's magic knickers from M&S and don't get my kit off in public from me. As Determinater says, I'd rather be slim, healthy and a bit saggy than huge and unhealthy.

Another joyful little tit-bit (pun intended) my boobs started to disappear first. Why does that always happen, I wonder? Anyway as some bloke once said, "More than a handful is just a waste.", so not too bothered.

Cheers, Pat.


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S: 14st8lb G: 11st6lb
well im 24 so im going to hope im young enought for it to just bounce back into shape lol. i actually thought my boobs where going (very sad day for me ) but then i realised i actually needed a smaller back and my cup now is very ample lol but i do think that some will go if i get the whole 4 stone down. would be worth it thou

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