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Skinny Bi*ch Book


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Here is the answer to my own question if you want some...

Is there a natural alternative?
Yes - Stevia.

Stevia is a natural, sweet-tasting, non-toxic plant that has no calories, lowers blood pressure and inhibits fat absorption. It is diabetic-safe as it does not adversely affect blood sugar. It is heat stable to 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit) so is safe for use in cooking and can be added to hot drinks. It is said to be 10-40 times sweeter than sugar and can be bought in both powder and liquid form.

Japan has been using stevia to sweeten many food products, such as ice cream, bread, candies, pickles, soft drinks and chewing gum, since the mid 1970s. By the late 1980s, stevia represented approximately 41 percent of the market share of potently sweet products consumed in Japan.

Other countries using Stevia today include Thailand, China, South Korea, Paraguay and Brazil.

In fact, Stevia has been used around the world for at least 1500 years with no reported side-effects, yet it has not been approved as a food additive in the US because "We don't have enough data to conclude that the use [in food] would be safe," (quoted from an agency position paper).

(Aspartame, on the other hand, is a constant source of complaint. A former FDA investigator admits that approximately 75 percent of all the 'adverse reaction' complaints the FDA receives are related to aspartame!)

There will be no race to test Stevia for approval while there is big money to be made from chemical substances such as aspartame because being a natural substance Stevia can't be patented by the huge pharmaceutical corporations.

Though not yet approved in the US as a food additive, Stevia can be sold, and consumed, as a 'dietary supplement'. In what way the FDA can justify how a natural food substance is safe as a supplement but unsafe as an additive is puzzling.

Stevia in the UK?
In the UK it is not possible to buy stevia from shops or other suppliers. The EU have totally banned sales and use of stevia for any purpose. So, in the EU the choice seems to be between the empty calories of sugar and the chemical toxins of aspartame.

Luckily, you can order stevia over the internet from several companies. Ones that will ship to the UK (from the US) include:

Shipping is charged at cost and delivery is fast.

$81 for one pound of 100% pure Stevia extract powder (some companies add Malto-Dextrin - a sugar!). A Special Offer for readers of Alternative HealthZine - Order one pound of Stevia extract powder for $81 and pay no shipping, packaging or insurance!


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Thanks for that, I am not sure if I want to buy it as it was banned in the EU, but still sells in the USA
Study raises hope for stevia

Did they ban it because we will all buy this rather than sweetner from the big companies. Not sure...
I thought about buying this book but i have read mixed views about it, alot which say that all it does is try to encourage you to become vegan.

What are your thoughts on the book bunny?

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