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  1. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    Hiya :) I'm not new to this site, nor calorie counting & have been lingering for a couple of months. I've decided to bite the dust & add a diary.
    A little about me.. I got to my goal weight in May 2011 & maintained for around 6 months. Fast forward almost 2 years, a bad breakup & "feeling sorry for myself" I gained 3 stone!:( I finally gave my head a shake & started CCing end of November. I've currently lost 1 stone 3 pounds. I have another 2 stone to go & only weigh myself "officially" every 4 weeks. I'm doing CCing alongside 5:2, although I'm not sure I'll be doing the 5:2 religiously as I started it to give myself a boost after Christmas.

    Anyway yesterday's food was:
    Salad with ww tuna & mayo- 200
    Mango & a ww yoghurt- 125
    Fridge raiders chicken- 50
    Yoghurt raisins- 100
    Sausage & mash with veg- 390
    5 mini eggs- 70
    = 935

    Today is a fast day. I have 2 ultraslims on fast days as I find as soon as I eat "normal food" I crave even more & give in. Roll on tomorrow morning :)
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  3. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    Fast day is so far, so good :) the more days I do them, the easier it seems to get.
    I'm just going to have a bath & a bit of a pamper then have my second shake of the day and a cup of tea. It's silly but on a fast day a milky cup of tea feels like a treat.

    Today's "food"-
    Cafe latte milkshake- 217
    Chocolate milkshake- 217
    2 litres of water, 3 black coffees and a cup of tea
  4. BeckyBoo93

    BeckyBoo93 Member

    Hi, your food sounds good so far :). I've subscribed to your diary. Sorry to hear about your break up. The same happened with mine... I put at least three stone on. x
  5. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    Ah it's rubbish isn't it! It's been almost a year now so finally decided to stop feeling sorry for myself & do something about it. I've realised now I'm single & not looking for a relationship, it's time to look after myself :) I feel a million times better and happier already.
  6. BeckyBoo93

    BeckyBoo93 Member

    For me it's been more than a year... it still hurts :). So I know what you mean. Good for you! I'm currently dating so losing weight is good motivation, but also staying single is a good idea as it gives you time to work on yourself and time to reflect and stuff.
  7. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    Ooo half way through the working week! Yesterday was successful with cals coming in at 440. Was so tired after my second shake I just went straight to sleep.
    It's my official weigh in this Saturday. I had two high cal days Friday & Saturday so I'm hoping to maintain the 12 stone I was last week (although I would LOVE to see 11 something!!)
    My goals at the moment are a 100% 4 weeks until my next weigh in AND to not get on the scales the 4 weeks. I find it motivates me more to keep going as when I weigh from one week to the next it demoralises me. Would rather see a big number come off at once :)
    Anyway today's plan is
    Salad with ww tuna- 200
    Mango- 70
    Ww yoghurt- 55
    Baby bel light- 50
    Mini chocolate buttons- 75
    Braised beef with root mash & veg- 350

    Cals will be a bit low so will have a pack of ww choc chip cookies & a cup of tea tonight.

    (Doctors are aware of my low cal diet as I was doing exante)

    I know it's a long way off but when I reach target I plan on doing 6:1 & upping cals by 100 weekly/ fortnightly until I find my my level.

    Anyway enough rambling, hope everyone has a good day :) x
  8. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    Good day again today :) hoping it shows on the scales Saturday! I have another fast day planned for Friday so I know the scales maybe a little lower than normal but as I only weigh once every 4 weeks (well supposed to!) it should balance itself out.

    Anyway today has been
    Ww tuna with salad- 200
    Mango- 70
    Ww yoghurt- 55
    Babybel- 50
    Chocolate buttons- 75
    One small banana- 100
    & just about to have tea which will be braised beef, mash & veg- 350
    = 900.
    Will have ww choc chip cookies so 990 for the day :)
  9. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    Woohoo! Thursday! One more get up! :) haven't got much to say this morning so today's food is
    Chicken & vegetable soup- 200
    Mango- 70
    Ww yoghurt with a small box of raisins- 100
    Fridge raiders- 50
    Mini milky way- 80
    Chicken in tomato & basil sauce with a tin of mushrooms- 350
  10. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    Stuck to the plan & had a packet of weight watchers biscuits so cals for the day are 940.

    Tomorrow is a fasting day so two slimfasts/ ultraslims. Haven't got any in so gonna nip to tesco first thing in the morning to grab two then shopping will be delivered Saturday morning :)
    Planning on having 3 days fasting next week (Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday) as I have a night out planned this Saturday & next Friday.

    I'm looking forward to this Saturdays weigh in- I've had a 100% week. Will be very happy with whatever the loss. My last "official" weigh (4 weeks ago) I was 12.5 & a quarter, I've had 7 days off plan so would like 6 pounds loss as that's still 2 pounds a week whilst being on plan.

    Anyway I'm rambling, hope everyone has a good friday :) x
  11. *rach**

    *rach** Full Member

    just swinging by to subscribe x
  12. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    Me too ....subscribing x
  13. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    Ah thankyou:)

    Today is so far so good! On an early break today so sat with a black coffee & a pint of water. Already managed 1 & a half litres and it's only midday! Planning on having a shake at around 4pm although I'm not sure il fit it in as I barely have time to breathe, let alone drink the shake! Should be able to sneak out & have it though.
    Finish at 530 today, then it's a night of relaxing in front of the tele. Tomorrow I'm going for lunch with my mum but there's a low cal section so should stay within calories. & then my 4yo sister wants to make cakes.. Gonna use all my willpower to resist! On the night I'm going out, but I have bought a chicken & stuffing sandwich at around 350 cals so the only extra cals il be having will be the vodka & diet cokes on the night.. although I can imagine there will be a fair few of them! Oh well, life is for living :)
    Anyway hope everyone has a good weekend if I don't get on here! X
  14. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    Official weigh in & since Christmas Eve I've lost 9 & 3 quarter pounds!!!! :D eeeee I got on the scales this morning & when 11.9 1/2 came up I started dancing around! Haha. "Only" 23 1/2 pounds till target! My next goal in 4 weeks is to just get below 11.7, anything else will be an added bonus :)
    Yesterday was a success, just 2 shakes. I haven't got a plan for today as yet, as I'm not sure what I'm doing but tesco have been so lots of yummy, healthy food in the cupboards :)
  15. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    So today's plan is
    Alpen light- 70
    Chicken & veg soup- 200
    Skips- 70
    Yoghurt& raisins- 100
    Babybel- 50
    Apricots- 100
    Chicken & sweetcorn sandwich- 400
    = 1000.
    May have something else before I go out but will definitely be high as il be out tonight & will have a lot in alcohol tonight.

    I've made cakes with my sister- cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing, pink sprinkles & chocolate hearts- & resisted them :)
  16. PogMoma

    PogMoma Silver Member

    Subscribing :)
  17. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    Ah, thanks :D

    Well I went out last night & I've decided I'm too old and I'm only 22! Drank far too much but woke up feeling okay. Just having a coffee & pint of water to try shift this slight headache.
    Plan for today is 2 shakes but it may change to a normal day depending how I feel :)
  18. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    Well I've had a fasting day:) mainly due to the fact I've slept/ lay in bed all day.

    Cafe latte shake- 230
    Banana shake- 230

    I've had 1.5 litres of water & 3 cups of coffee too.

    Tomorrow I have the day off work so going to go into town & have my nails done so a nice pamper. Haven't got much else planned for the day & unsure of what il be eating but I have so much in I'm sure finding something won't be hard! X
  19. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    Well I never thought I'd say this but I'm quite annoyed that my new clothes fit! I ordered loads of clothes in size 12 off line, as motivation to fit into them. Well I tried on 3 pairs of jeans just to see how much I had to lose to fit them & 2 of the pairs fit perfectly, the 3rd pair were quite tight. I also bought some from tesco & they fit too! I think I may change my goal weight to 10.7?! Oh I don't know, I've spent an absolute fortune & don't want them all to go to waste.. I think I'm going to ignore the scales & when I fit comfortably into 12s maybe stop? Argh I wasn't expecting to face this dilemma this early!

    Anyway today has been a good day :) had a lazy morning watchin tele with mum, then went to tesco for lunch & had my nails done.. Now going to have a bath & a bit of a pamper I think.

    Today's food

    Alpen light- 70
    Tesco roast chicken & salad sandwich- 380
    Skips- 80
    Chomp- 60
    Fish pie & peas- 400

    Will be just over 1000 cals after a cup of tea & squash

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  20. staceeey

    staceeey Member

    Well today has been a fast day & is definitely getting easier the more I do it, although I've had a dull headache all day. Just been the usual 2 shakes & will have a cup of tea tonight.

    Looking forward to having food tomorrow. One more fast Thursday & then not having another until at least next Wednesday.
    Once this weekend is out the way I'm going to go back to having 1 fast, possibly 2 a week depending how I've been eating. I was out on Saturday & going out Friday & Saturday so trying to stop gain from the amount of alcohol i'll drink! My next night out after this weekend isn't until the 15th so no alcohol for at least 2 weeks.
  21. MrsB2B

    MrsB2B Full Member

    Hi. Subscribing

    Your doing really well Hun, hope I can do the same!

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