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  1. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    Hiya :) I'm not new to this site, nor calorie counting & have been lingering for a couple of months. I've decided to bite the dust & add a diary.
    A little about me.. I got to my goal weight in May 2011 & maintained for around 6 months. Fast forward almost 2 years, a bad breakup & "feeling sorry for myself" I gained 3 stone!:( I finally gave my head a shake & started CCing end of November. I've currently lost 1 stone 3 pounds. I have another 2 stone to go & only weigh myself "officially" every 4 weeks. I'm doing CCing alongside 5:2, although I'm not sure I'll be doing the 5:2 religiously as I started it to give myself a boost after Christmas.

    Anyway yesterday's food was:
    Salad with ww tuna & mayo- 200
    Mango & a ww yoghurt- 125
    Fridge raiders chicken- 50
    Yoghurt raisins- 100
    Sausage & mash with veg- 390
    5 mini eggs- 70
    = 935

    Today is a fast day. I have 2 ultraslims on fast days as I find as soon as I eat "normal food" I crave even more & give in. Roll on tomorrow morning :)
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  3. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    Fast day is so far, so good :) the more days I do them, the easier it seems to get.
    I'm just going to have a bath & a bit of a pamper then have my second shake of the day and a cup of tea. It's silly but on a fast day a milky cup of tea feels like a treat.

    Today's "food"-
    Cafe latte milkshake- 217
    Chocolate milkshake- 217
    2 litres of water, 3 black coffees and a cup of tea
  4. BeckyBoo93

    BeckyBoo93 Member

    Hi, your food sounds good so far :). I've subscribed to your diary. Sorry to hear about your break up. The same happened with mine... I put at least three stone on. x
  5. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    Ah it's rubbish isn't it! It's been almost a year now so finally decided to stop feeling sorry for myself & do something about it. I've realised now I'm single & not looking for a relationship, it's time to look after myself :) I feel a million times better and happier already.
  6. BeckyBoo93

    BeckyBoo93 Member

    For me it's been more than a year... it still hurts :). So I know what you mean. Good for you! I'm currently dating so losing weight is good motivation, but also staying single is a good idea as it gives you time to work on yourself and time to reflect and stuff.
  7. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    Ooo half way through the working week! Yesterday was successful with cals coming in at 440. Was so tired after my second shake I just went straight to sleep.
    It's my official weigh in this Saturday. I had two high cal days Friday & Saturday so I'm hoping to maintain the 12 stone I was last week (although I would LOVE to see 11 something!!)
    My goals at the moment are a 100% 4 weeks until my next weigh in AND to not get on the scales the 4 weeks. I find it motivates me more to keep going as when I weigh from one week to the next it demoralises me. Would rather see a big number come off at once :)
    Anyway today's plan is
    Salad with ww tuna- 200
    Mango- 70
    Ww yoghurt- 55
    Baby bel light- 50
    Mini chocolate buttons- 75
    Braised beef with root mash & veg- 350

    Cals will be a bit low so will have a pack of ww choc chip cookies & a cup of tea tonight.

    (Doctors are aware of my low cal diet as I was doing exante)

    I know it's a long way off but when I reach target I plan on doing 6:1 & upping cals by 100 weekly/ fortnightly until I find my my level.

    Anyway enough rambling, hope everyone has a good day :) x
  8. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    Good day again today :) hoping it shows on the scales Saturday! I have another fast day planned for Friday so I know the scales maybe a little lower than normal but as I only weigh once every 4 weeks (well supposed to!) it should balance itself out.

    Anyway today has been
    Ww tuna with salad- 200
    Mango- 70
    Ww yoghurt- 55
    Babybel- 50
    Chocolate buttons- 75
    One small banana- 100
    & just about to have tea which will be braised beef, mash & veg- 350
    = 900.
    Will have ww choc chip cookies so 990 for the day :)
  9. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    Woohoo! Thursday! One more get up! :) haven't got much to say this morning so today's food is
    Chicken & vegetable soup- 200
    Mango- 70
    Ww yoghurt with a small box of raisins- 100
    Fridge raiders- 50
    Mini milky way- 80
    Chicken in tomato & basil sauce with a tin of mushrooms- 350
  10. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    Stuck to the plan & had a packet of weight watchers biscuits so cals for the day are 940.

    Tomorrow is a fasting day so two slimfasts/ ultraslims. Haven't got any in so gonna nip to tesco first thing in the morning to grab two then shopping will be delivered Saturday morning :)
    Planning on having 3 days fasting next week (Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday) as I have a night out planned this Saturday & next Friday.

    I'm looking forward to this Saturdays weigh in- I've had a 100% week. Will be very happy with whatever the loss. My last "official" weigh (4 weeks ago) I was 12.5 & a quarter, I've had 7 days off plan so would like 6 pounds loss as that's still 2 pounds a week whilst being on plan.

    Anyway I'm rambling, hope everyone has a good friday :) x
  11. *rach**

    *rach** Well-Known Member

    just swinging by to subscribe x
  12. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Well-Known Member

    Me too ....subscribing x
  13. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    Ah thankyou:)

    Today is so far so good! On an early break today so sat with a black coffee & a pint of water. Already managed 1 & a half litres and it's only midday! Planning on having a shake at around 4pm although I'm not sure il fit it in as I barely have time to breathe, let alone drink the shake! Should be able to sneak out & have it though.
    Finish at 530 today, then it's a night of relaxing in front of the tele. Tomorrow I'm going for lunch with my mum but there's a low cal section so should stay within calories. & then my 4yo sister wants to make cakes.. Gonna use all my willpower to resist! On the night I'm going out, but I have bought a chicken & stuffing sandwich at around 350 cals so the only extra cals il be having will be the vodka & diet cokes on the night.. although I can imagine there will be a fair few of them! Oh well, life is for living :)
    Anyway hope everyone has a good weekend if I don't get on here! X
  14. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    Official weigh in & since Christmas Eve I've lost 9 & 3 quarter pounds!!!! :D eeeee I got on the scales this morning & when 11.9 1/2 came up I started dancing around! Haha. "Only" 23 1/2 pounds till target! My next goal in 4 weeks is to just get below 11.7, anything else will be an added bonus :)
    Yesterday was a success, just 2 shakes. I haven't got a plan for today as yet, as I'm not sure what I'm doing but tesco have been so lots of yummy, healthy food in the cupboards :)
  15. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    So today's plan is
    Alpen light- 70
    Chicken & veg soup- 200
    Skips- 70
    Yoghurt& raisins- 100
    Babybel- 50
    Apricots- 100
    Chicken & sweetcorn sandwich- 400
    = 1000.
    May have something else before I go out but will definitely be high as il be out tonight & will have a lot in alcohol tonight.

    I've made cakes with my sister- cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing, pink sprinkles & chocolate hearts- & resisted them :)
  16. PogMoma

    PogMoma Well-Known Member

    Subscribing :)
  17. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    Ah, thanks :D

    Well I went out last night & I've decided I'm too old and I'm only 22! Drank far too much but woke up feeling okay. Just having a coffee & pint of water to try shift this slight headache.
    Plan for today is 2 shakes but it may change to a normal day depending how I feel :)
  18. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    Well I've had a fasting day:) mainly due to the fact I've slept/ lay in bed all day.

    Cafe latte shake- 230
    Banana shake- 230

    I've had 1.5 litres of water & 3 cups of coffee too.

    Tomorrow I have the day off work so going to go into town & have my nails done so a nice pamper. Haven't got much else planned for the day & unsure of what il be eating but I have so much in I'm sure finding something won't be hard! X
  19. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    Well I never thought I'd say this but I'm quite annoyed that my new clothes fit! I ordered loads of clothes in size 12 off line, as motivation to fit into them. Well I tried on 3 pairs of jeans just to see how much I had to lose to fit them & 2 of the pairs fit perfectly, the 3rd pair were quite tight. I also bought some from tesco & they fit too! I think I may change my goal weight to 10.7?! Oh I don't know, I've spent an absolute fortune & don't want them all to go to waste.. I think I'm going to ignore the scales & when I fit comfortably into 12s maybe stop? Argh I wasn't expecting to face this dilemma this early!

    Anyway today has been a good day :) had a lazy morning watchin tele with mum, then went to tesco for lunch & had my nails done.. Now going to have a bath & a bit of a pamper I think.

    Today's food

    Alpen light- 70
    Tesco roast chicken & salad sandwich- 380
    Skips- 80
    Chomp- 60
    Fish pie & peas- 400

    Will be just over 1000 cals after a cup of tea & squash

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  20. staceeey

    staceeey Well-Known Member

    Well today has been a fast day & is definitely getting easier the more I do it, although I've had a dull headache all day. Just been the usual 2 shakes & will have a cup of tea tonight.

    Looking forward to having food tomorrow. One more fast Thursday & then not having another until at least next Wednesday.
    Once this weekend is out the way I'm going to go back to having 1 fast, possibly 2 a week depending how I've been eating. I was out on Saturday & going out Friday & Saturday so trying to stop gain from the amount of alcohol i'll drink! My next night out after this weekend isn't until the 15th so no alcohol for at least 2 weeks.
  21. MrsB2B

    MrsB2B Well-Known Member

    Hi. Subscribing

    Your doing really well Hun, hope I can do the same!

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