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Skinny Jeans!


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Right! Here's some news that has cheered up my day a gooden, which was required because I've been feeling poorly all day.

I'm clearing out my wardrobe and right at the back, lodged behind the cowboy boots from 2004 and the furry gilet from 2006, were hidden my SKINNY JEANS, so-called because I used to wear them when I was skinny- not because they are fashionably slim-line (they are in fact a rather unfashionable bootcut a la 2003, which is when I bought them). They are a really tight and non-stretchy 12.

We all have it- that one garment that you know you used to wear before you put weight on, and which you never dare try on, because they will confirm the awful truth.

Well, lo and behold, they are a very comfy fit indeed :wee: and I write to you now from within the not-so-snug confines of a pair of jeans I used to wear in 2003 before I met the OH.

Love it! Love it! :bliss:
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oh wow... thats fab. I can imagine how happy you must be.
Ive got a few outfits id love to be able to fit into, but the one that stands out is my pair of dungrees size 10 from oasis. It will be one happy day when i can fit into those comfortably.
my pair of dungrees size 10 from oasis. It will be one happy day when i can fit into those comfortably.
My thoughts exactly! Even though they are supposed to never be worn past the age of 5 years old my dungarees were my absolute pride and joy and I lived in them.....only time will tell if I can get them on again on my CD journey :D

jacqui xxx

p.s. it's the first time i've quoted and think ive done it wrong but you never know aye? :p
Well done - Are you now planning a shopping spree or at least trying on all the lovely size 12's?
How great that must feel Lelly, well done :)

I have a pair of combats that I love from River Island - they are a size 18, so not very ambitious but I know I felt happier about my weight when I bought them.

I want to lose way more than that and nearly bought a pair of 7forallmankind jeans in TK Maxx reduced from £175 to £40 in a size 12 but when I looked at them I couldn't imagine ever fitting into them, and they were £40...maybe I am mad but I think maybe I should buy them and start visualising!
Fabulous Letty. How great do you feel? How lovely to have these moments and to be able to share with others. I have had so much inspiration from this forum and hopefully manage to give some to others. It is especially nice to hear from all the Feb starters about their successes. We started on the same day and we have lost the same amount of weight, so I always draw a lot of strength and encouragement from you, Jaycey and others. Well done xx


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Thanks everybody- it was a real mood boost yesterday, as I am rather poorly this week, so it was worth being brave and fishing them out!
I have one more 'goal' garment that I am building up to, it'a a gorgeous dress from Reiss in the 'galaxy dress' style in green silk. I have never been able to wear it and I will be saving trying it until I am at goal!
Crack on everyone, those 'goal' garments beckon!


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Hoooraaay! Well done to you, that is fabulous. :)


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Oh that's brilliant, you must be so proud of yourself. I have a pair of diesel jeans that I would give up my mother to fit into. I think maybe another six weeks and I might be there (and keep my mother :) )


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Thanks, hon- you'll be there in no time!

As an update- I am now in the green silk 'galaxy' style dress and it is fab-u-lous! Am so pleased I can't tell you. Iw as beginning to think it would just never fit me, but it is like a glove.
I think I might do what i said I'd never and put a pic of me up here- that's how proud I am of it!


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Wow! Well done! :)

I am so inspired by this, and feeling slightly happier about having yesterday purchased a fashionably skinny pair of jeans at a significant price (gulp!) which are a size 14. I've NEVER owned a pair of size 14 jeans in my adult life, let alone worn any! I'm still between 18 and 16 (nearer to 16 now thanks to SS+) and VERY close to getting into a lovely pair of 16's I bought then exceeded the comfort zone of a few years ago. Once in them, that's a goal ticked off.

My intention with the 14s is to give myself yet another goal to fit into them soon too - and ditch the 16s I'm almost into! This is inspiring as it's obviously achievable!

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