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skinnylala's diary

hi guys hope i doing this diary thing right

well on day 4 and hopped on scales today and 2lb off :confused: not sure if this is good enough
am still so scared i eating too much

i feel so bloated today
gotta keep goin
hope this is finally the diet for me
good luck to u all xx
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was just thinking that maybe i not drinking enough
yest did ok but none so far today vicky


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yes post on here. Also put your menus on here so we can see and help you.
You should be having at least 2 litres love or you will be bloated.
menu for today


left over pork chop in salad

icebery lettuce
cube cheese
full fat mayo
green peppers
2 slices ham

snack one advantage bar

lunch 3 boiled eggs in salad

dinner have boiled bacon and cabbage

is this ok for today

mainly every day been eating 2 huge salads
and meat and veg for dinner

just feels like i eating loads


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that fine love :) add your water consumption on :)


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cos i have a bottle on my desk :)
and its really warm in here today (26) so im drinking plenty! plus weigh in tomorrow ;)


This is for life
Good start on the diary - keep going:)

And water, water, water.....if you get hungry, drink water first - any trick to get it down you

And now I'd better go follow that advice as I've been a naughty girl this afternoon!!!!!
well here i am day 5 and i hopped on the scales grrrrrrrrrrr but 2 more off so 4lb ok am not going to hop on scales again till mondy morn my offical weigh day
drank buckets of water yest and dont feel bloated today
oops not had any water yet better get guzzling

do u guys know how many advantage bars u can have a day

ran late this am and no time to preapare brekkie or lunch so have 2 with me, is this ok??

how u all doing


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GET GUZZLING. brill loss love....told you the water would help with the bloating!
You may find the bars make you stall..some people do some dont.
if its all you got its fine though - just get up earlier LOL

There is some great stuff you can preprepare for brekkie. sausage and egg muffins or bacon and egg muffins for on the run breakfasts x
ya u can feel when eating the bars they are bit stodgy so i had better b careful
oh i so not normal person but next week got make sure i well prepared every day
i am gonna do it this time
thanks vicky ur brill


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aww bless you :) The recipe thread has those muffins on and you can freeze them too so real handy and yummy x

Erm you may have some adverse effects from the bars.. ;)

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