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Skip a pill?


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ok - rugby last week - saturday - blasted - drank and ate my mates house out!!!

Stayed for lunch - no control of what i ate - well sort of, but you get the picture.....

Sunday fine - monday "Charlie and the chocolate factory turned up in the bathroom - perhaps more a chocolate orange!!!

Here we go
off for valentines to a hotel sunday night and .......you heard it first...a 5 course meal....and possibly a five star - reading from the menu - "fat boy breakfast" well something like that.

So todays count down conumdrum........

Should I skip the tablet or is it already in my system?

Entries by tomorrow morning please!!!!
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OK if you're sure that's what you want to do you probably need to stop the tablets now and hope that that is soon enough. While in theory these tablets should only work on what you have eaten around the time you took them, in practice I find they are still in your system hours and sometimes days later, really depends on your own body. Good luck and have a great weekend whatever you do.

KB x


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I echo KB's comment completely.
I've skipped a tablet for a high fat meal now and again, and I've been absolutely fine. But I have been caught out once, doing exactly the same thing.
I look the tablet at lunch time and ate healthily as normal....decided to have fish and chips for dinner so skipped the tablet. Spent the next couple of hours in the loo :eek:
I guess on that occasion, some of the tablet must have still been in my system from lunch...

If you're going to have a high fat meal in the evening, it's probably best not take a tablet all day to be on the safe side, or even further in advance if you can manage it.
Sometimes you might decide to risk it, but it's not very romantic to be spending valentines night in the toilet, is it!? :D


gunna be a fatty for ever
i stopped for 1 week while i went on holiday last year! full board jobbie! There were healthy options but chose the wrong ones! And after 4 days i was still getting effects! i had been on them 6 months tho lol

tis up to you! the way i see it is if u still take them u may be more likely to make healthier choices???

have a fab weekend! life is for living!



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If it's just one meal I take it, if it's difficult situations lasting more than a couple of days I leave them off a few days before - last weekends excess are still showing!


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So far , touch wood when I have "wandered" off course and not taken the pill for that meal I've been completly fine , the only time I was caught out I had taken the pill and it was more to see if they were workin or not , won't do that again!!!