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Slap me for being naughty ...


Sensibly losing :)
Well, I will confess as if I dont then it may continue...!!;) But I have been a little bit cheeky for a few days... on and off... *cringe*....
I have bene picking at random bits but I am obviously not totally losing the plot and am of sane mind as I am making sure its stuff to leave me still in ketosis.. I am such a plonker and I could really scream but part of me also knows its whats keeping me going at the moment!

Its silly things like just preparing chicken for the OHs lunch just now, had to have some... opened some choc buttons earlier for the youngest, had to have a couple... I am just SO SO exhausted right now and I am feeling totally sh!t and faint despite drinking my own body weight in water.. yesterday was very bad and everytime I stodd up I had to hold on to something for a min or two until I had my head back and I felt ok.. almost like a low blood pressure feeling..? I have been up since Thursday with the kids being ill, have had them in our bed and last night didnt sleep at all and I think its taking its toll... my body is struggling and quite frankly there is not enuf fuel in the fire to keep me plodding along and firing on all cylinders!! My weight is still dropping on the scales despite a fair bit of naughtiness (i dont mean naughty naughty, just not 100%).... I think added to my thyroid jollies and my back medications etc I am just about to keel over....!!! I have even thought about skipping a shake amd making myself a grilled steak to give me some ooomf but i dont want to in an ideal world... i dont know what to do for the best.... both young ones really poorly so no sign of a break for a good few days and then some, i just dont know if I will be alive/sane enuf to do what i need to do with the lack of sleep etc!!! .. also still got totm which wasnt due anyway and I have anaemia.. added to everyting I feel like a complete cowpat right now!!! This time last week I was buzzing n feeling fab and now I feel like bleugh!! LOL!

Kick me up the ass pls :) .... what do u suggest I do? I know if I tell my gp about this that they will pull me off the plan as I am on morphine and suchlike...! this isNOT what I Want!!!!!

or if you have sedatives for my kids then get in touch ;P xx
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Donna you poor thing!I don't know how you haven't caved in totally with all that to deal with, don't be hard on yourself, maybe nibbling on the foods won't knock you out of ketosis, but its hard to control, when you are stressed and tired, and will lead to bingeing...

I wasnt 100% over the weekend {slap for me too} I really regret it now, and know I won't have a great loss for my first week as I also have totm, and small daughter was unwell all weekend being sick etc, hardly got a wink last last night and have felt like crap all day. But really they are excuses beacuse im weak willed...:(

But do you know, just grit your teeth and start afresh again tomorrow, DON'T undo all that hard week you have put in!

We all slip up, some of us are more prone than others FACT, but like Squeeze says you gotta get control, and don't listen to the food demons!

If your not 100% all the time, you will still lose but slower, I don't have to tell you that, but that's not really the point of doing TFR is it? trouble is those little nibbles can suddenly just turn into a crazed binge, I know as ive done it myself countless times, so keep strong...

Are there any supplements you could take? Maybe your iron levels are too low if you feeling faint?

I would go to your docs if you continue to feel like this, you need to put your health first above losing weight in such a drastic way, especially with all your little ones to take care of.

Don't be hard on yourself, hope you can continue to say on plan as you have been, and things improve for you over the next couple of days xxx
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Eeeek! You're after doing what i've wanted to do all day!!! Oh my god, i had to make dinner for my brother today and was rediculously tempted to scoff some! My family don't know i'm on this and they were asking why i wasn't eating so had to say i'd eaten in work, while my belly groaned! I think thought the thing is that if we give in, we feel worse after.... Thats my theory anyway ;) I've no intention of kicking your ass but only to encourage you to get back on the wagon. You'll feel the better for it :) Good luck girl, you can do it :D


Sensibly losing :)
I am already anaemic, supposed to be taking iron supplements but I have trouble with my bowels (awaiting surgery so could need to do re-feed any day) and the iron makes this particular problem worse so its a complete no-go until I am 'fixed'..LOL! Its a case of lump it basically.. part of me (perhaps stupidly) assumed that this diet is 100% of what you need and therefore I may be taking in more iron than my usual diet... ??? I dont know tbh, i just feel completely flat.. I am supposed to be doing aquafit this week, twice a week (kids being well enuf for me to leave em) and as things stand I am a bit scared getting in the pool for fear I just slump over and stop blowing bubbles!! Dramatic but true!!.... i only have 12lb to get down to where i wanted to be and could be doing re-feed any day now as waiting on 2 op dates... so i would like to get there as quick as a I can to ensure I succeed, i am only cheating myself in the longrun! I was doing fine up until the kids were ill and then it was the weekend.. blah blah!! Like you said, its tough!! I wont binge tho, as much as I know a little pick is naughty i woudnt blow my hard work by eating other stuff, as I said its all very controlled, I wont tempt ketosis....!!

you are right tho, tmw is a new day and hopefully the kiddies will give me a break.. i find being stuck in the house SO hard and with the middle one being off nursery too and home I go round the bend!!! LOL!

thanks for the kick ;) LOL! xxxx
AWww bloody hell donna :( I totally relate to the fatigue thing.. my daughter was awake for hours every night in my first week with croup and I swear to god i thought i was gonna have a heart attack and die every time i moved! I do know how hard it is.. and you know in your mind that food will give you additional nutrients to cope. BUT... and im only gonna be a bit harsh because you need a kick up the ass... you cannot justify picking!!! even if you knew it wouldnt affect ur losses, and wouldnt affect ketosis... its not beating the voices in your head that tell you to eat. And if you dont beat them... they will tell you to order takeaway on maintanance, the will tell you to scoff a WHOLE share bag of maltesers and inevitably you will not defeat the demons that make your weight unmanagable. WELL DONE for being honest!!! Thats a brave thing to do and in itself is strong and positive. But sweetie I really wanna see you OWN this, and come through the other side skinny and confident and STAY that way. And losing the weight is the easy bit.. its keeping it off that takes the effort. And on this journey you need to learn to NEVER let those voices make you weak. You have to gain control NOW and maintain it throughout your LT experience so that you can control your portions and how much you eat afterwards.
You obviously have so much on ur plate, poor health and a big family to feed and look after. But you CAN do this!! you are so full of confidense and positivity already... it will just take a little bit more strength to change that thought of sneaking a bit of chicken into "NO! i DO NOT need this bit of food, I deserve to achieve this" and not give in.
Dont feel guilty and crap for the picking that you have done, but find it in yourself to not let it continue. I am a binge eater that eats a whole swiss roll for breakfast cuz i cant stop myself. Yet for 3 weeks I havent even licked my fingers when they have a bit of cheese on the making my daughters lunch. If 'I' can be that strong, I know you can!!! sniff the bits of food if it helps... have a good sniff and then chuck it. or but it on OH's plate LMAO. But for gods sake donna, you are so gonna get there.. please be strong and fight those weak moments. Do not let food control you!!!
Let me know how you are doing tomorrow, defo see your doc about the aneamia.. addressing that will definitely help. And until you have had some decent rest and feel a bit better dont do all the exercise!! you have to look after yourself!
Thinking of you hun and sending you tons of strength and good vibes :) xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Poor dote, I feel for you. You need this diet for your health but everything seems to conspire against you getting on with it.
My advice is stay strong. Easier said than done. But it might be better to skip the aquavit classes this week, get the kids minded and you rest instead.
You know you can do this. The feeling weak etc is all part of the side effects of TFR. Dont cave. You will be so proud if you can stay100%.
fingers crossed for you!


One kick up the a!s!s delivered to ya Donna.... now cmon... you only have 12lbs to lose, you're soooooooo nearly there... you've done brill and are on the homeward strait! My little fella has been poorly too, didnt close my eyes on Saturday night.... makin dinner on Sunday, i was sniffin the chicken but knew that if i had a bit i would be so annoyed at myself... and im NOT goin back to being constantly annoyed at myself..... it's tough when you're in pain constantly... i take codeine for my back and haven't had any since i started... takin panadol but it's not even hittin the pain, but im determined to keep goin.... i know everything is against you at the moment.. but in 5 days time... the kids will be fine again and so will you.... so keep goin stop pickin and focus girl!!!! big hugs to ya!!!!!!!!! x

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