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Back on the diet train...
yh ive ad sleeps like that hun. think its r subconsious thinkin of food an this diet an it makes very strange dreams. if u get wot i mean. lol. i ad one where i was eatin a roast dinner. it was wierd coz i was the person eatin it yet at the same time i was watchin me eat it an screamin noooo!!! ;)



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im having strange dreams .. but not about food.....

about people.......

real crazy ones...

i guess its just whats on my mind
Thanks Bex

i just feel like im constantly conscious of being on this diet and at the moment everything is revolving around it. Hopefully that will pass soon:)

josiej x


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Im the same Nikki have really intense scary dreams since I started LT but it could also be that there's been a lot of change in the last two months two - new job, moving house, health, relationships all changed for me. Im sure other people are experiencing this too when they're on LT though as Josiej says it consumes a lot of your concentration and thoughts. Maybe we should get a dreams consultant onto the forum hahahahahah
I know wat u all mean about the weird dreams...im dreaming im eating everything i love and then crying in my dream cos i am soooo disappointed and wen i wake up i am releived so try my best that day!
I also dream i cant get my clothes off cos they're too tight! and i have to cut them off! hate that dream its soooo frustrating.

Siobhi...if we got a dream consultant i think we would all be put in strait jackets lol

Josiej...im on Day 5 too...when is ur weigh in??? x



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your telling me flower?! Had a dream I got shot in the neck the other night!
The other night I dreamt that I was back in college and my friend was in labour (she is pregnant in real life) last night I went to bed 11pm and didnt wake up till 10:30am and still not feeling refreshed!

my weigh in was this morning 9lbs off, first week and really pleased. Pharmacist off though so couldnt get answers to a couple of questions i had
josiej x
Well done Josiej...9lbs is massive and u havent that much to lose anyway!!!!! im getting weighed on Monday so cant wait!!!
You'll be at ur target in no time...lucky duck!!! x

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