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Sleepless on SW

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Hi all, my mates 2 of them any way, are both doing ww and they checked my food diarys because they are a right nosey pair lol! both reckon i am not eating enough???? my consultant's comments on last weeks diary were "good food" are you drinking enough? I am! Today i decided that if i chose to have 8oz baked potato and 113g of tinned tuna for lunch with a big side salad i would'nt have to decide untill dinner time whether i wanted to Have a red or green day as either the potato or tuna would become a HEXB. I was so full up after this though that i have had hardly anything else all day! is it true that if you dont eat enough you wont lose weight? I feel i am eating enough for me, some days i want to eat for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and i do, i can honestly say i never feel hungry on this plan. could Somebody NOT lose weight by not eating enough? this is bothering me and i can't sleep ! gonna bash my mates:) Jax
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I have heard this one before but personally I don't believe it!

Apparently your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto everything it can (i.e. fat) in case it needs it.

So if thats true how come you lose weight when your ill??

I don't believe it, not one little bit.
It can be true if you are eating too little and are hungry. If you are eating enough that you aren't hungry then I would think you are fine, don't force food in just because your friends who are on another diet entirely think you should :) You know when you are hungry

When I did WW I would find myself eating past the point of feeling full just because I had the points! How silly is that? So don't worry, if your consultant feels you are eating enough then you are.

I think in some cases it is true, its happened to me before,

Why dont you split your meals up and have them as snacks throughout the day.....I find that works for me......soemtimes i get days where i have eaten loads and when i come to eat supper im not that hungry so i graze all day rather than have set meals....

Hope this helps and good luck

Ruthy xxx

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