Slenda's 60's party - photos !


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Can't find my USB cable, but a friend took these last night.
It was a fab party.I can't believe it was last Chrismas that my "before pic" was taken!
Not blowing my own trumpet, but I know that other people's photos particularly help to keep me motivated on LL
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Do a little dance!
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That is absolutely amazing SB.

Completely and utterly blows my mind. Well done you!

Hope you had a good night!


Guess who's back...?
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Crikey SB!! You look incredible! The change is proper 'chin dropping' stuff! CONGRATULATIONS!! What a difference a year makes... blimey... inspiring pics, thanks for posting them :)

A xx


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Gorgeous!! Looks like you had a fab time and love the dress!

I still can't believe that's you in your before pic! Incredible - oh, and it also makes me worry less as you seem to have no loose skin, which I was worried about having lost a vast amount of weight, I dread loads of loose skin around my bingo wings, which I'm really conscious of!

Thanks for posting them!


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Blow your trumpet babes, by heck you've earnt it and look fab!!



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you look sooo different
looks like it was a good party
daisy x


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wow u look so fab x


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Thanks everyone !

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.
Good luck, especially people who are considering whether or not to start the
life-changing LL programme.
Porgeous - your progess pics have inspired me.
Pete - Thanks for providing the trumpet. I wish I was better with IT.
Maybe I can improve when I start my new job in February (it wouldn't have happened before I lost my weight).


nearly there!! :)
u look flipping fab hun u deserve it xxx


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Well done SB, you look absolutely fab at your party!!!!!!!
Truely an inspiration to us all!!!!!!!!


Feels Fabulous!
Wowzers! You look fabulous!!!!
You certainly are one of the people on here who has inspired me so much.

Well Done You!!


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brilliant you look stunning well done xxx


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Wow - what a remarkable difference. You look stunning and must be so proud of what you have achieved in a year. Truly inspirational, thanks for posting the pics.