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  1. PositiveBetty

    PositiveBetty Well-Known Member


    Can you shed some light on this. Had my first weigh in yesterday but when I did a urine test the square didn't change colour at all. It stayed exactly the same which means I'm not in ketosis. This might explain why I do still feel a bit hungry.

    It isn't a major problem as I still lost weight but obviously I want to be burning fat. Has anyone else had this? I can't think why I wouldn't be in ketosis after a week on the diet and I have stuck to it to the letter.

    Any suggestions? :cry:
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  3. Tange

    Tange Well-Known Member

    Hi Betty

    I think some people just take longer to get into ketosis, depending on what their diet was before. I would not worry too much at this point.

    Very well done on your great loss its awesome :D

  4. Eclipse

    Eclipse Well-Known Member

    Hi hun, I shouldn't worry, I used to dip in and out of ketosis all the time. In the evening I would be well in, the following day I wouldnt. Think it just depends on the amount of water you've drunk and how diluted the ketones are (or maybe just a dodgy stick reading!) I shouldn't worry too much about it, you are losing the weight and that's the most important thing xxx
  5. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

    it will also depend on if you have eaten your packs shortly before testing. If I had a soup for tea then went to meeting an hour later it would hardly show as the packs can momentarily take you out of ketosis. If I hadn't eaten it would defo be pink.
    If you have drunk a lot of water shortly beforehand it will also be quite diluted and may be quite feint.

    I wouldn't say it is anything to worry about, if you are sticking to the diet you will be in ketosis and burning fat.
    Some people never get a pink stick the whole time, but still lose at the same rate as everyone else.
  6. Deb G

    Deb G Well-Known Member

    Your body produces 2 types of ketones - these test can only detect one type. If you're losing weight and not starving hungry - you're in ketosis - so ignore the strips.
  7. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    This may sound funny - but are you sure you hit the target? ;)

    We had a lady all upset because she thought she was not in K. We all looked at her was bone dry! She had missed!! :)

    Hang in there, as said, some take longer. What did your LLC think?
  8. cambridge*diet*08

    cambridge*diet*08 Well-Known Member

    i have this problem if i have drunk all my water, my wee is diluted and therefore so are the ketones
    do not worry but try doing one first thing in the morning!
  9. PositiveBetty

    PositiveBetty Well-Known Member

    thanks everyone
  10. PositiveBetty

    PositiveBetty Well-Known Member

    Just did another test and it's still the same. :(
  11. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

    As long as you are losing weight, which you obviously are, then there is no issue, don't keep testing.
  12. PositiveBetty

    PositiveBetty Well-Known Member

    but it might explain why I am feeling hungry
  13. LilacAngel

    LilacAngel Well-Known Member

    The best time to test with a stick is FIRST wee of the day. The ketones will be most potent and show on your stick.

    Once you have seen it is pink - pat on the back and move on with following your Programme. You don't need to keep checking.

    Ketones are in your blood and spill over into your urine - as you have seen - not all samples will show ketones in your urine at that time - you are still burning your fat.

    It's early days on your Programme and you are probably experiencing head hunger and that's quite normal. You will miss didn't eat because you were hungry, you ate because of all sorts of things that are still a part of your life and will be triggering the "hungry" feelings. Talk it through with your Group - you won't be the only one feeling like this - promise!

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