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Slight gain.


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Please don't tell me off but i weigh myself everyday, i'm on day 9 and seeing myself get lighter everyday has really spurred me on but today i gained 3\4 of a lb and i'm gob smacked, i haven't done anything different, weighed in my bathrobe as usual, not due on and had bowel movement last night (just incase you really wanted to know!). Its really knocked me and i just can't get my head around it, i could understand if i had stayed the same weight but not gained.:cry:
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Here we go again!
I also weigh myself everyday. I know we shouldn't and to be honest I don't mind what the scales say each day, it's just the weigh in day that counts with me. Just a habit to do it.

With my TOTM this week I was 5lbs heavier than my last wi. I am still 3lbs heavier today. The only wi that counts for me is my official Saturday one. The weight does fluctuate so don't worry about it. It's very natural and normal. If you can get out of the habit of weighing everyday it would be better but some of us can't.

Don't worry about it though, it's normal.


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Hi Hunni,

i gurantee when you go for your eigh in that 3/4 of a teeny tiny pound, plus a load more will have gone.

so stop worrying :)

the body works in weird ways, and you will have been holiding a bit of water that day or something, no problem as you will just tinkle it out later :D



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Your body holds different amounts of fluids at different times. If you weigh yourself now and do nothing (not eat or drink anything) but weigh again in 4 hours it can be different.

I too am a sneaky peeker on the scales but I take what it says with a grain of salt. Don't know why I do it actually. So relax! Keep doing what you are meant to be doing. All will be fine.l
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best thing to do is stop weighing yourself as it will constently go up and down will the weight

just keep it for the weekly visits for the pharmacy


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Stay away from the scales!

Just weigh yourself once a week, that way you won't feel disheartened and you'll have a more accurate weigh in.


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you really shudnt weigh yourself every day (says me) your weight can fluctuate throughout the week thats why its best to stick to weighing urself just once a week at the same time too. whatever u have put on could be water, it could be that ur scales werent in exactly the same place (it does make a difference) im pretty sure by the end of the week u'd have lost even more.

its really hard to not weigh urself if u have scales in the bathroom so i would advise u to put ur scales away coz u'll have urself in a worry all the time if ur constantly weighing urself.


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Agreed as above!!

and since you asked not to be shouted at I wont :p lol

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