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slight panic, can anyone advise please

hiya....im now into my 3rd week of SW, coming straight over from WW, anyway 1st WI i STS.....2nd WI i lost 1lb :cry::cry: (got a huff and frown from the woman weighing me in)i dont quite know what i was expecting but this 2st ( and a bit) i need to lose seems likes its miles away from ever happening...i know you hear people say "are you eating enough" ?? etc but how much "is enough" ??? my dinners arent any bigger than on WW, but im not hungry through the day and if i am i may have a yoghurt or some fruit for snack, im having the syns each day and feel satisfied etc....

how do i get a decent run of 2lb losses, im not after any more than that, im trying to be realistic,but seriously how do people manage 4lb/5lb/6lb losses ?????

i am doing RED week this week to see if that will help, i know my body loves to bloat and cling on to carbs, so fingers crossed.....any advice or words of wisdom would be great, thanks so much....
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going to do it!!!!
Hi Camogirl, i havnt got any words of wisdom for you but i know how you feel. i came from ww losing 3 lb first wi then putting on 2lb 2nd wi then swapped to sw lost 4.5lb first week but have had a sneaky peak on scales and have put on weight...4lb!! havnt a clue whats going on either.
Im looking to lose 2 to 3 stone and dont care how long it takes as long as i lose each week but at the minute like you i cant ever see myself losing if i put on by tuesdays wi i will be so upset :cry:
i did post how i was feeling and the advice i got was to keep a diary on here and weigh and measure everything so ill be taking that advice onboard and starting today, why dont you give it a try?
when do you next wi?
Im going try red days this week see how i go with that. I read a thread on here about having mainly fish for the week and having good losses, so im going to try and eat as much fish as i can, ive just had sw quiche made with tuna and it was lovely.
I hope your week goes well and good luck on your loss next wi
hiya lovely, thanks for the reply....sorry you're going through it too, i hope the scales are kind to you at WI :) i find it all so hard, i liove the plan and would be quite happy following it forever, but weight loss right now is the priority, i dont think im eating too much,

can i ask weigh and measure what exactly ??? i thought the whole point of SW was to not weigh and measure things other than your syns and healthy extra's (which i do) good luck with your red days too, i have plenty of fish and chicken in the house :D

thanks xx


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I think it can take some time for your body adjust to the new way of eating. Some weeks I've had really good loses and others only 0.5lb, sometimes your body just says "nope this week I'm holding on to this".

I do the green plan but I know from reading on here that a big part of the EE plan is to make sure you are having 1/3 superfree. Have you been managing this? There are some things that we are allowed to have but might not be good particularly for you. For me, for example I can have 2 slices 400g wholemeal as a HEB however I can't have this everyday as it affects my losses. That's something that I have discovered is personal to me. Make sure you keep a food diary so when you have a good week you can see why and also when you have a bad week you can pinpoint the problem (that's I found out about the bread for me).

Put a food diary on here if you want, there are plenty of people on here that are really knowledgable about the plan and will be able to give you pointers.

Are you incorporating exercise? It isn't a must do but it will definitely help the weight loss. Even if it is a small 10 min walk a day, every little helps as they say!

Please stick at it and it will come good I am sure. xx


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I know you're moving onto red, but the biggest thing (and the thing people really seem to be getting at with the "enough" bit as far as I can see) is the 1/3 superfree bit; have you DEFINITELY been having that (a yogurt on its own isn't, a yogurt and a plum is - and while it's more filling at the time, it means you're less likely to eat more of the (not super) free stuff later).

Some people seem not to need to be so strict about this, but I need to be very strict to get losses over about half a pound, so you might be more like me in that.


going to do it!!!!
i think weigh and measure meant just healthy extras and syns so you are already doing it, i must admit i wasnt measuring my milk and just using it for my cereal and the rest of my day in coffee so i was probs ovedoing it!!
I totally agree with you about eating like this forever as it is so good but like you i want to lose weight its not like i want to lose a stone by tomorrow but surely 1-2lb a week is not too much to ask for???
Camogirl we will do it, i have every faith in the diet its my body thats mucked up probs off al the silly diets ive done in the past!!!
Let me know how you get on x
This should not happen - she should not comment (even non-verbally) about members' weights.
unfortunately she did :cry: a real frown and the mouth turned down as if to say "oh is that all you've managed" she is the mum of the consultant, so dont really want to complain :sigh:

i have been making sure i had the 1/3 super free food, with everything that im having, like you say fruit with yoghurt is what ive been having, i shall just try to figure it out, so desperately want it to work, fed up of pointing and weighing.. ;)

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