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Slim Fast Diary - 1st Few Days

Hi Guys,

I first tried SF last week, but only managed 1 day. It was my b.day at the weekend and I had a total binge for a couple of days, involving chips, hamburgers, chicken fried rice, greggs, birthday cake, loads of chocolate ect. So i'm back on track this week, as I'm absolutely desperate to look good for my xmas night out and for hogmannay.

So last week I bought 2 tins of SF, and I prepared myself with 2 cartons of Asda own make meal replacement shakes (to take to work) - at £0.89 each, they are cheaper than the SF ones, and look like they do the same thing. So I had them today, the strawberry one was ok..had to force it down a bit, the choc one was alot better and tasted no different to normal choc milkshake, so i was impressed, plus I wasn't hungry all day, which suprised me.

To keep myself on track, I thought I would keep a diary of my first few days on SF. Hope you's dont mind!!

So today I had -

Cup of coffee - 35
Strawberry Asda shake - 220
Nutri Grain Bar - 130

Chocolate Asda shake - 220

Tin of Heinz Spaghetti Hoops - 220
1 Slice of brown bread toast and low fat spread - 100

Cups of tea x3 - 100

Small bowl of Sugar Puffs - 135

Total cals - 1160

(today wasn't very good fruit wise, tomorrow I will replace the Nutri Grain bar with a banana and try and have some veg with dinner)

How do you think i've got on? Is the above normal for a typical SF day?

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Another day on SF nearly over, and today I was sooooo hungry. Today I had -

Coffee & Skimmed Milk - 35
SF strawberry shake - 220

SF Chocolate caramel bar - 99
SF Banana Shake - 220

Tea & Skimmed Milk - 35

Asda Prawn Salad - 210
1 Slice brown bread & l/fat spread - 100

Tea & Skimmed Milk x2 - 70

Small bowl of sugar puffs & Skimmed milk - 130

Total - 1119

It was great having the salad for dinner, as it was a big plate full. I had SF ready made shakes today, banana was horrible...strawberry...nice, nicer than the stuff in the tub.


I had a bit of a bad experience with my first chocolate SF shake (powder) I made it up in work and I was nearly physically sick, it was the worst thing i've ever tasted...I had nothing else to replace lunch so I had to buy something from the cafe. Since then i've decided to stop SF...I like the pre-made asda and SF shakes, but I cant afford to buy the premade stuff every day (around £20 a week) I wish it could have worked out with the tins.

I'm gonna go back to calorie counting, unless I come into money and can afford the pre-made shakes. Its just less than 4 weeks til new year so i'll make that my mini goal.

Good luck everyone


Gold Member
what a shame you have not gotten on with the shakes.. and yes they dont taste very nice if not made with a blender!!!!!!
maybe the making them at home (for when you are there) and then calorie count when you are at work...
im sure you can make any goal you want with will power and determination to do anything.....

Good LUck!
Hey everyone,

Thanks for the advice.

I definately like the idea of SF. No, I don't have a blender and not likely to have one untill after xmas. I may start back after Jan, once I can get a blender. But in the mean time I am going to calorie count each day between 1,000 - 1,200 per day...and I'll see if I get a bit of a loss before xmas.

Oh and even if I dont like the shakes with the blender, I'd be happy to buy the premade ones, once xmas is over.

Thanks again guys.


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Hi, have you tried any other flavours? I think the chocolate one is hideous and I usually go for chocolate anything!!!! I really love the vanilla and the banana, but def agree with the other ladies its best blended using ice, whizz it with your hand blender until it is totally smooth :D good luck

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