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Hi all :)

Anyone tried these? I bought the pack of 4 yesterday in Morrisons (kept in fridge area along with the milk etc)

"Full of fibre and protein and helps you want to eat less" 54cals per shot! Also it's a Strawberry flavour yogurt drink with sugar and sweeteners!

I'm thinking of going back to Slim-Fast tomorow and was going to give them a go :) You can have 2 in any one day.

Just wondering what others thought of them :) xx
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No, I first done it in 2003 and lost a stone but as soon as things weren't going so well I put it all back on with extras! I have been doing SW since mid 2004 and it has worked wonders for me but I got a little stuck in a rut at the end of last year and needed a change of scenery so I went back on SF for a few months to give me a kickstart before my wedding in February and now I am back on SW!


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hi just bought 3 packs of 4 for a £1 out of heron a shop in our town how good is that,son tried one said it tasted of yougurt and was nice,i will try tomorrow if i get peckish angie x


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Taz - can i ask how long it took you to lose that first stone on S/F? S/W is one diet i have never tried (i also think it must be the only one,lol!) I'm glad to hear you've found a diet that works for you as i'm really struggling right now and so i know how hard it is to find the right one, so lucky you ;)

During the few mths you went back on S/F, did you have a good weight loss?

Angie - you lucky so and so!!! I just spent £2.99 on one pack!!!

Name of shop please????????? lol!


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I have to be honest, the losses on SF didn't impress me and the real purpose it served when I done it for the few months was to make me appreciate SW more! SW is not very restrictive and really easy to fit into my life and I really missed that when I was counting the calories and running out of allowance! I wouldn't do any other diet now.

It took a while to lose that stone, longer than it took me to lose my first stone on SW


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Thanks for that info Taz :) Very interesting... I'm going to give S/F a go as it's been a long time since i've done it. I do remember losing nearly 2st back in 2001 but i haven't done it again since then. I'll let you know how i get on, although i'll probably start a new thread, so look out for it,lol!

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