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  1. gaynorfaye

    gaynorfaye Member

    Hi, I am back on the slim fast as I today after my appetite is getting out of control!! Last time I slimmed was for my wedding in sept last year, I went to sw 6 months and did sf for the rest and u got in my dress after a few alterations! So after the wedding I pigged out thinking I didn't need to diet but how wrong was I!! After Xmas too, the weight is slowly creeping back on and all my clothes are getting tight so I'm gonna do this!!!! Just thought that if I record all my details on here and keep a daily diary then hopefully I can get comments off peeps and maybe help other people.

    So here are my stats,
    Weight 13st 7
    Height 5ft 7
    Bust 39 in
    Waist 35in
    Hips 42in

    I have done the school run ( I have 3 kids) came back home did my youngest breakfast and then did a 20 min aerobic routine (which I intend to do 5 days a week) and then I had my shake. Tho k I'm off to a good start!!!

    I'll be back later to past my meals and snacks and any other niggles I may have, hoping soo g this will keep me on track.

    Gaynor x
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  3. gaynorfaye

    gaynorfaye Member

    Oh and I'm 31 and I'm in the snug side of a size 14, borderline 16's! I work on the fresh food pre packed dept at Morrisons so I'm always on my feet.
  4. chocaslim

    chocaslim adores posting

    Hi gaynorfaye welcome and good luck looking forward to seeing your progress x
  5. gaynorfaye

    gaynorfaye Member

    Thank you! I have been on sf before and lost a few pounds, I find it works for me, I am very greedy and very impatient so I got the best of both worlds!! I did like sw for awhile because I thought it was great how much I could eat and I was losing weight but it does involve a lot of cooking and prep I feel, not good with my family of 5 and working too, everyone likes different things!
  6. chocaslim

    chocaslim adores posting

    I've enjoyed sw in the past and had success but find I get bored very quickly so had a break from dieting and minimins for quite a while but of to Egypt in 2 weeks and need to lose just a few pounds. When I return I'll review everything and see what I need to stick to, to lose the rest.
  7. gaynorfaye

    gaynorfaye Member

    I'm sure we can do it!!!
  8. gaynorfaye

    gaynorfaye Member

    Well here I am after my first day and I had a sort I ok day yesterday. Here's what I had
    Brekkie sf shake
    Snack rice cakes with Philly
    Lunch ready meal and low fat yoghurt
    Snack drifter and cereal bar
    Dinner small salad with salad light spray and diet coke
    Snacks mullerlight yog and French fries

    I kno I had a few extra snacks in there but i did a 20 min aerobic sesh so I allowed myself the extra cals and boy, I needed them. I was at Work last nite and I was ravenous!!! I work 5 til 10 and have a break at about 7.30. I have my dinner on my break but it didn't seem enough. I know it's early days and my body will get used to small amounts but I do feel I need a bit extra on work days as I am constantly on the go.
    I've been using mfp as a food diary and Ive decided that on mon and tue, I'm just going to calorie count the amount what mfp has recommended for me to lose 1 lb a week and then the rest of the days do going to see how it goes for a few weeks and if not then just switch it up a bit.

    Anyone else alternate with diets?? How did you get on???

    Gaynor ?

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