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Slimfast April Challenge


Right to the 'point'
I never get to start this!!!!

But aye...with April starting next Wednesday I am now looking towards that month as it will be when my next WI day.

There are 5 Wednesdays in the month so I am wanting to lose 5lbs over the course.

Good luck to everyone still with March WI's to come and lets make an April fool of the next month*!

*I am sooo sorry :copon:
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Wow you're keen! haven't yet completed March's challenge but i'm going to aim for another 5LBs.. am not losing weight at the mo!! WHY? arrghh oh well.
5LBS to go in April
WI 17th April =
WI 30th April =


in my dreams!!!!!!
i haven't finished this months challenge yet but am ready for april! will say 1 lb a week to be on safe side as i never know what might get in the way lol

I have not posted for a while as have not had a brilliant couple of weeks and I am too ashamed to admit it.

I have not put anything on but there is an obvious lack of loss.

I will renew my efforts in April and aim to loose 6 pound. Now it is in writing I have no option have I?
The trouble is that I am the thinnest I have been for a long while, all my clothes fit brilliantly and I feel great. I just need the incentive to feel even greater, if you know what I mean.
Ooh my first challenge. I want to lose 7lbs or 4.8kg :D by the last day of April!
Well I have 1 weigh in to go but will go for 3kg (6.6lbs) in April...I really want to get below 80kg as this is where I always get stuck! Good luck everyone!
ooh yay i am going on holiday on 13th april so I am planning to lose about 7lbs by then - nothing like optimism! lol :)
well, I have one more weigh in to go for March challenge - but seeing as I have reached the target I set - yipeeeeee...I am more than ready to step up to the next one!
I am going to say 5lb for the month again - that would be way more than I could hope for - would be soooo chuffed to shift another 5lb.
Good luck fellow sfers xx


What doesn't kill me.....
Yea, I have one more weigh in for March.... I set my goal at 8.. but not sure I'm gonna get to it.

So for April... I'll aim for 7lbs. :)

I've been waiting for a week to join the monthly challenge! I'm going to aim for 6lbs down from whatever my weigh-in on Sat shows (I've had a sneaky weigh in & I've lost 2lbthis week - yay!! - but it's not official until Sat!)


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Im in on the april challenge too , i would like to lose 2lbs a week and i will wi on Thursdays which means i have 5 thursdays in April :woohoo:
Hi all,
I'd like to get to 13st 0 by the end of April, so that's 7lbs to go!! We can make our goals peeps!! Good luck everybody.

I need a challenge to get me back on track (I've stayed the same for the last two weeks - not been sticking to plan!).

Im gonna say 6lbs - hopefully wont be eating my words at the end of April :wave_cry:

Good luck all.
I hope you guys dont mind but to make it easier I have us all listed below. If everyone just copies and pastes when theyve lost

eg Mrs X 5lbs - 2lbs lost - 3lbs to go!

Puggso 5lbs - 5lbs to go
Lili 5lbs - 5lbs to go
Sparklewings 4lbs - 4lbs to go
Lucyjo 6lbs - 6lbs to go
Flubber68 7lbs - 7lbs to go
Sattsy 6.6lbs - 6.6lbs to go
Piggywiggy 7lbs - 7lbs to go
clairefatface 5lbs - 5lbs to go
Lightraven 5lbs - 5lbs to go
Scarymary 7lbs - 7lbs to go
TeriShelly 6lbs - 6lbs to go
Sass 10lbs - 10lbs to go
Molly68 5lbs - 5lbs to go
wannabeslim 4lbs - 4lbs to go
netuk 7lbs - 7lbs to go
Stirky7 7lbs - 7lbs to go
barbiegirl 4lbs - 4lbs to go
Madmoo 6lbs - 6lbs to go

Hope I havent missed anyone!
Great idea scarymary, that's easier to keep track of. Good luck everybody!!!

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