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**Slimmer than yesterday Saturday Daily Tread **

Good morning :D Hope we are all doing well and have a great weekend :)

I have to do the food shopping this morning when hubby gets out of bed .... its the least of 2 evils .. if I do it in the week the supermarket is nice and quiet but I have 2 small kids with me and Abbie normally ends up whinging as its her nap time, she ends up pulling Elenas hair accidently and it just gets stressful ... I hate shopping at a weekend ( why oh why does everyone feel the need to do the shopping as a family ???? on a saturday tesco is full of wife hubby and kids groups ..I do it at the weekend so I can go alone !!!) but it is easier than having the kids with me !!!!

I am planning on restarting 1000 plan on monday so it will not be a cheap shop this week , altough luckily I have a freezer full of chicken and fish .... so just all my veg I need !!

i am also working tonight , although I dont feel like going , I started in Jan and they messed up my first pay day , by not paying me and I ended up with a cheque for a 'guessed amount ' whic has still not been checked ....... OK so I was very understanding as it was my first pay day .. mistakes happen ... well yesterday SHOULD have been pay day again .. and guess what ... NO MONEY .. and the lady who works in the office and is able to sort it is on holiday till thursday next week , and the owner is in india ....... there hasnt been a manager for the last 2 months as the wonderful lady who ran the place ( nursing home ) found out she has terminal cancer and it pregressed so quickly she was unable to return to work ... so the new manager started on monday .. thrown in at the deep end with the lady in the office on holiday and the owner away ... poor woman cant help me .. so I am stuck with no money and no way of getting any till at least thursday .... i am very angry , and tonight I am doing an extra shift to help them out ..... dont feel like helping at the moment :cry:

well i am on day 3 of being 100% SS+ after my 4 day carb binge on starting 1000 plan ( more like 4000 I reckon :mad: ) and feeling better and more positive about trying again on monday ... i have also started reading The Beck Diet Solutions book and it has some great strategies to help stop binging ... so hoping that I can overcome my loss of control ..... fingers ( and anything else I can manage ) crossed :)
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i have also started reading The Beck Diet Solutions book and it has some great strategies to help stop binging ... so hoping that I can overcome my loss of control ..... fingers ( and anything else I can manage ) crossed :)
Good Morning Katie im on page 20 of Beck and so far i real rate the content in it..!:):) Now i understand that its alot of mind/brain training that I have to come to terms with.

You will get there soon, keep going and enjoy your weekend.

Im still on the 1000 plan and still enjoying it. x:D


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Morning ladies!

Sorry to hear about your pay problems, Katie. That well and truly sucks, 'specially as you're doing that extra shift. Hope it gets sorted soon - and that your trip to Tesco's isn't as horrible as you're expecting. And well done on doing 3 days SS+ after your blip :happy096: - that must've put right most of the damage done now?

Can't imagine getting to the 1000 plan quite yet - I've still got a way to go on SS (LOL, I'm on day 6!!) but I'm doing Beck too (on Day 3) and - yeah, I've got a really good feeling about this. It's making me much more pro-active. The sabotaging part of me wants to rebel against even writing the cards - which only makes me realise how much I need to write them.

So far, so good. Hope you both have a great day.
Am deffo gonna get this beck book. Is beck the author? Also what's shred that pple keep mentioning? X


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My amazon delivery has arrived! Day 1 here I come.

Need to get back to my c25k today. I'm really behind. I've only done one run so far, due to power plate pain.

Must do better this weekend!

Good luck for those with Saturday weigh ins!
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morning all, have just sat down ,up since 7 with wee man, house reasonable tidy,shopping done , going to pick up jacks wee friend and off to see yogi bear at cinema at 12.30, have a fab day whatever you doing good luck to anyone with weigh -ins be good everyone !!! :D:D:D:D:D
Roughly how much is book.is it easy to follow at same time as cd or when on gi? Anyone shed anylight on shred meaning?!! X
The 30 day shred is a fitness DVD by the female trainer off biggest loser. Gillian michaels. You do it everyday for 30 days. It's only 20 mins a day but it's killer. Enlightenme has a thread on here, I did 7 days but gave it up as my weight sts. I'm going to get back into it when I move up the plans.

Also the beck book Is amazing. Well worth a purchase
Afternoon all, I think I'm going to give that Beck book a go too :) had a tough day today so far, my little guy is really suffering with his teething! they are just about breaking through, so glad but kind of sad that he's growing up so fast I'll miss his toothless smiles lol really proud of myself today, had a family get together at my grandmothers for her 75th Birthday and the place was full of all the worst kinds of foods…I knew I was going to have a bit of something and beforehand I'd asked her to make me a small chicken breast in the oven so I had that with a bit of lettuce and nothing else!! woooo I even prepared some plates for people who were coming later with cakes etc..and didn't get the urge to have a bite! Feels so good to not have that guilt about eating!

Still feeling so annoyed at my weight loss mind!! I have this 1lb that comes and goes on a daily basis! and I need it to bugger off so I can get into the one hundreds again!!…hopefully I'll be there by Monday!! fingers crossed!! xxx

Good luck everyone hope you have fab losses this week :)


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Hi --

It is already Sunday, but I thought I'd read through the Saturday thread. Lots of good posts in here, and helpful answers.

@Bethinuk - Well done on reisisting the party food. I know how you feel... my "baby boy" is 19/ If you think you'll miss the toothless smile, imagine how you'll feel when he towers over you!
I hope everyone has a good Sunday, as well.

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