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slimming and not smoking :(

:cry: Hi, started S/W 4 weeks ago lost nothing the first week then lost 4.5lbs the second, this week i gained 2! i`m doing mostly extra easy, would i be better by sticking to red or green for a while? also i have given up smoking 12 weeks ago and i am chewing gum to help me stay off the ciggies anyone know which gum has the least syns please? i feel like throwing it all in as i`m doing something wrong. If anyone can help i`d appreciate it very much x
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hey you, sorry you feel sad :-( hope you feel better soon
also I think you've put this in wrong area, it mentions SW (Slimming World???) and this is Cambridge

but ... I used to do SW with reasonable sucess and I found the best weight losses were a week of pure red, or pure green, IMO extra easy just doesn't seem to be as good

and well done for the not smoking


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Hi honey, your body is going to take time to adjust to the loss of nicotine. My doctor told me that smoking actually increased your metabolism, so this could be the cause. Just do the best you can on SW, quitting the ciggies is more important. I am now 5 months smoke free and I did gain a bit of weight, but quitting was more important for me and I am now losing the weight I gained x x

Hang on in there on SW, it will work for you x x


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Hi there, so sorry you've had a rough few weeks on SW but I guess if you look at the overall picture, you've lost 4.5lb in 3 weeks which is good!

What has your consultant said about your food diaries? You should do them for the first 4 weeks so they can see if you are doing okay or if anything is going awry with your foods?

Sugar free gum really doesn't have that many syns so I doubt the gum will be affecting your losses.

On EE are you making sure you have a third of your plate superfree foods? Are you snacking on superfree? Are you weighing and measuring all your A's and B's? Do you check the syn value of things before you eat them? Lots of little things can stop us losing weight.

How much do you have to lose?

EE should work for you, there's no reason why it shouldn't - just fill up on those superfree foods and stick with it!


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Wrigley's extra is 0.5syns for 4 pellets. so you're talking 1.5syns a pack. (if you're going through more then a pack a day). Other brands/types can be ALOT more though - so check carefully.

I'm possibly going to be controversial here and cause an arguement - but i'm going to give one piece of advice that will go against Slimming World wisdom. If you are using gum to deter you from smoking and it comes to a point of not having enough syns for the gum you need - and it comes down to a choice of going over your 15syns or lighting up - go over your syns - you will thank yourself for it.

I'm going to own up here and say that I'm an ex-smoker too (2yrs come August 2nd and i started SW 4 months after giving up). I chew gum to distract myself even now - especially when driving (i used to smoke 3 or 4 on the way to/from work each day - which is really the only time i drive these days).

Don't however give up the SW (or the giving up) - there's so many reasons why you may have had the gain - including potentially the giving up the smoking.

Good luck - it's not easy i know.

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