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Slimming Buddy!


Is a loser! ;-)
S: 22st10lb C: 21st0lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 46 Loss: 1st10lb(7.55%)
Hiya all!

Im feelin pretty good today....my friend commented that i look like i have lost weight...i only saw her just before i started LT....we have always been near enough the same weight....we both lost 6 stone when we were 15 in 6 months....and then both put 9 stone back on within 2 years :eek:! :p

She has started LT today...which is really good...im chuffed that i can come on here and have friends that are going through it with me and now i have my friend who i can phone for a chat when we are hungry.
We are going to be exercising together...and our weigh ins are 1 hour apart on friday....i think its a bit of healthy competition!

I was just really happy that someone noticed that i had lost abit of weight! :D and that i have inspired someone!
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Nice one Butterbean! It makes such a big difference if you have someone there who understands what you're going through! It's fantastic that you inspire someone, well done sweetie. That will fill you full of confidence and make you more determined!

A bit of healthy competition between the two of you will do no harm :D

Keep at it, and once you get into the exercise you'll love it and wonder how the hell you lived without it.
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Your so lucky hun having someone to go to will help you loads. Just remember dat people lose weight at different speeds so dont get down if she loses faster than you tell her that too coz it can be upsetting wen someone loses more than you. But it will be great dat you can enjoy the ups and support eachother wen your having a good time.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Well done on two fronts, one, that someone has already noticed how you are changing and , two, that you have influenced a friend to go the same road. It will be a great to have a buddy.


Is a loser! ;-)
S: 22st10lb C: 21st0lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 46 Loss: 1st10lb(7.55%)
We went on a walk last night as we were both quite hungry, and had a good chat and i told her about this forum and how great it is! I thik she will be joining soon. 2 hours walking was really good, we both enjoyed it. She goes to the Gym alot anyway, but i dont really do any exercise....im going to start now though....not ready for the gym yet...but im going to get my air walker out...so least i wont feel as lazy when she has been to the gym 5 times this week! lol

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