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Slimming corsets/ saggy skin

Although I'm only on week 3 of LL, in the past year I've lost almost 50lbs and am already starting to see a little of the effects ... even on my 23 year old skin!

Since I very much carry my weight on my stomache I've had a new theory... when people have liposuction they have whats basically a huge rubber band on for a week or two to help the skin fall into place... would using a slimming corset, and the compression from that have the same effect? And has anyone tried it?

I do have one... unfortunately my guestimations of the sizes needed were wrong.... even so I love it... because I can squeeze it on, slip on my skinny-jeans and look in pretend I actually do have a figure! (well, up until the huge tyre under my boobs!) ... I'm considering getting the larger size - but am just wondering if anyone else tried... or if my thoughts that this might help reduce saggy skin are complete nonsence!
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ooh, never heard of this before rg.
Sounds interesting though especially as i have the hugest saggiest baby belly! doubt they would have one big enough yet!

If it works after lipo, sounds like it should work with vlcd as the fat is disappearing this way too.

where do you get them hon?
That sounds really interesting, never heard of anything like that before !!
I'd love to hear if anyone's had any experience with this ... Until then i'm going to be really boring and say i'm going to do it the old fashioned way - toning muscle XD


...we're sinking deeper.
Sounds a bit fictitious to me - why would wearing something restraining make your skin less saggy? Liposuction actually removes the fat-cells - not just fat... I know when you've lost weight they shrink - but they will remain there forever.. I used to wear a very restricting slimming top and it didn't make any difference to my saggy stomach at all! :p

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