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Slimming Saturday Thread!

Didnt see a daily thread, and boy am i gunna need it today! Im at work-12 hr shift! And restarting PROPERLY today after i failed the other day! Got water on tap and a soup with me thinkin i may have bought more but see how it goes!

Please keep me company lol x

Hope your all having a very good day x
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Good luck keeping on the old wagon today,I feel so proud of myself since having my 1st wobble-free Friday of the year yesterday,am looking forward to joining you in a slimmimg saturday,as oppossed to the slip-up Saturdays I've had since the weekend before xmas.

Monday will be magical knowing we've been cd angels all weekend,as to me weekends are the most tempting time for me due to wine.
Good luck x
Lol yeah i know that feeling, my friends have asked me to go out tonight and i am sooooo tempted but i will not go and i will be good i need to stay away from temptation!
No more slip up saturday!Lol

Do you have plans for today to keep you busy?
Have been awake since 5.30am with cough,then Master T up at 6.30 am so by tonight I will be shattered and just happy to sit and watch a film with Mr T. However we are off to M-in-laws this aft where we always have a drink,so I am taking some skimmed milk then I can enjoy a coffee instead,as I did in the autumn.
Have also made myself reminders why I need to lay off the weekend vino and stuck them on the fridge door.
No doubt I shall keep nipping up to the pc,as Mr T will not be abstaining from the booze or nibbles-never has for me,but I like to think that I can stop using his habits as an excuse to feed my bad habits,also secretly feel a bit smug when I don't join him. x
Lol well keep at it, you will feel really good once you achieve that! i have yet to fight that or be around food so im dreading it when i do!!!

Not busy on here at all today is it!


This is the last time!!
Afternoon ladies.
I'm feeling rather good today - been to the hairdressers this morning, only a trim, no major restyle, but I love feeling pampered and my hairdresser is just soooo lovely :)
I put my jeans on this morning, they were fresh from the wash and.......get this........I didn't have to wriggle into them, or do lunges once they were on to loosen them up a bit!! I put a top on that was tight last time I wore it and it was flowing where it had been a bit clingy before :) Even looking at my reflection in only my undies (NOT something I do often!) I could see a little bit of difference, especially around my waist area. It feels very weird having to keep pulling my jeans up!
We popped to the shops, I went in and started the big shop whilst hubby and son stood outside and had some chips and bratwurst from the little van. Yesterday I was miserable in a supermarket but today I was happy! Strange really. I found the German equivalent of the Bouillon which I am thrilled with as I do need something savoury. 10 days of only sweet shakes and water have given my tastebuds a sulking session, hopefully the bouillon will cheer them up a bit.
I am going to spend the rest of my day mooching round the house - we had a dump of snow last night (grrr) so plans to get the garden sorted are shelved for now. I have some laundry to do and a few other odd bits.

Hope everyone has a successful Saturday
Aw glad ur feeling good and its always a bonus when your clothes get bigger, cant wait for that lol!

Cant believe its still snowing in places we are in march not im so over the snow lol!!


Why Be Normal?
Hi Ladies,

I have been missing the daily thread. Jabba where in Germany are you located? I lived in the KMC for seven years. I have a lot of friends in Stuttgart. I just was via webcam and skype the snow falling there this morning. I can read and speak German pretty well. If you need any help with that just let me know.


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