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Slimming World 1992


Gone fishing
Just found one of my old SW books, dated 1992 :D

Thought you might be interested.

Starting weight: 16 stone 5lbs
Seems that I ended at 13st 9lbs

Just red days (there was no such thing as green days then).

Syns were called sins. I was allowed 5 a day.

Healthy extras were called '2 for you'.

One example of a 2 for you/healthy extra:

1 apple with 8oz raspberries.

Another example of a 2 for you
1 slice of wholemeal bread

Fruit wasn't free.
Eggs were free, but only a maximum of 4 a week.

Corned beef was free though:cool: I lived off that stuff :D

Really interesting looking through that.
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Gone fishing
Oh...and it seems that I was a member of the twiggies team :D


Gone fishing
aww i have my old ww card in my purse from like 3yrs ago starting weight 17 4 taget 16 4 hahaha i never went back after week one!!!!!
:D I have a few of those. Not just WW. All sorts. I remember that each year I was really good and stuck with the diet for 6-9 months (well, not always 100%:eek:, but I went to the meetings:D)

Then Sept to Jan, I'd go wild and eat everything in sight, ready to start again in Jan:eek:

I notice that as the years passed, the dieting months seemed to get shorter:confused:


Gone fishing
HA! I've found a food diary too :D OMG. You wont believe what I ate:eek:


Gone fishing
Breakfast: One slice of wholemeal bread..dry.
Lunch: chicken without skin. Lettuce and a tomato.
Dinner: Lamb chop (fat removed) with veg. Gravy...1 sin

Snack: fun size milky way

Drinks: 1/2 pint of skimmed milk with coffees

Oh my...can't believe I lived to tell the tale :D

Yes...probably my bad choices...and yes...I know it's much better now:cool:

Funny thing is, I thought it was amazing at the time. Think it was because I was used to calorie counting and I didn't have to with SW


Gone fishing
Whoops, missed something written on back.

1 apple
1 small banana

Think that must have been the 2nd of my 2 for you:cool:


Gone fishing
Dunno. Think it is isn't it cos they count it if it's in a smoothie.


Gone fishing
I used to make a corned beef pie thingy with onions, corned beef and an egg.

Loved that stuff, and it was free :clap:

I also did Cambridge when it first came out. It was just a tub of strawberry powder. I didn't have a CDC. Used to get it in the post.


Gone fishing
Totally free unless you blend it into a smoothie. I think its madness to count fruit
I've just looked up fruit in my 1992 book.

1 apple (5oz) 3 sins.

High considering I was only allowed 5 sins a day.:eek:
I've just looked up fruit in my 1992 book.

1 apple (5oz) 3 sins.

High considering I was only allowed 5 sins a day.:eek:
dear god! thats terrible, i eat loads of fruit and hate any diets that you need to count them


Gone fishing
Hey...that's interesting. It only gives one ideal weight per height.

5'6" is 9 stone 4.


Gone fishing
I remember doing WW years ago and everyone over 20 stones got 30 points a day. Now its all worked out on a host of things but its still the same points principle
Things were so simple in the olden days eh :D

The first diet I did was with the slimming magazine club. Weekly meetings.

There was a written plan of what you could eat, as food didn't have it's calorie value on....but...

If you were 5 stone overweight, you could add 2 chocolate bars (which used to work out about 250 cals each).

3 stone overweight and you got 1 choc bar.

1 stone or less overweight (which I was at that time)...nothing extra. Just small breakf, lunch, dinner. 1,000 calories. I must have been starving :D No skimmed milk or low cal foods in them days if I remember rightly, so you didn't get much for you daily allowance.

I ate corned beef til it was coming out my ears when I did SW lol
I was gutted when they stopped making it free :(
I was 7 in 1992 :D

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