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Slimming World - Cereal in HEX B

Hi all,

I am a new user to MiniMins and am really hoping that someone out there can help me.

My question is around breakfast cereals on SW. I know that you are allowed to have 28g Fruit 'n' Fibre - but that barely fills the base of my bowl. Doubling up and using the additional B choice (as I am a vegetarian and follow green) doesn't make it seem much more substantial.

I am really struggling with this as I am unable to find a cereal that fills me up and keeps me going through the morning and prevents me from snacking.

I used to have Special K Sustain - but I think that has been discontinued.

I am allergic to eggs and so anything egg-related is out of the question too....

Please tell me there is a guardian angel out there who has the answer. I have been stuck at the same weight for the last 3 weeks and feel that if I crack the breakfast conundrum I may be on my way to achieving a sustained weight loss - if I have another week of no loss - I'm just gonna give in and put it all back on again.

I am crying as I write this.... :cry::cry::cry:
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There are cereals where you can have 42g for a HEB which gives you a good bowlful particularly when combined with chopped fruit

Or you can have 28g puffed rice which is so light it gives you a huge portion - add sweetener and it is like sugar puffs.

You can have SW rice pudding or porridge with fruit gives you a good portion

It is easy to have a cooked breakfast without eggs - what about sausage, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes with wholemeal toast? Beans or spaghetti on toast? Hash browns? Potato scones? Do you eat fish? If so you could have kedgeree or smoked mackerel (syns)

Or take a look at the "what's for breakfast" thread or the food diary section to see what other people are having.

I think you are just so focussed on what you can't have that you are not seeing what you CAN have.
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Don't know if it's any use, but I have 28g Branflakes or Shreddies mixed with a mountain of fruit and ff natural yogurt. It makes a massive bowl and I don't have anything else until lunch. You can have 42g of All Bran which goes a bit further especially if mixed with a banana or something or 2 weetabix is a reasonable amount. Don't cry, I'm sure you'll find something! Ooh, just remembered about magic porridge too - mix 28g porridge oats with ff yogurt and leave to soak in the fridge over night, you can add berries or fruit to it and that's fairly substantial too. Hang in there x


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Weetabix are HExB, 2 of them fills me up, especially with a banana or some other fruit on top.
i miss a hearty portion of breakfast cereals sometimes too!! Though i have found that these cereals/breakfast options allow for quite good portions:

*weetabix crunchy bran 42g=heB
*2x weetabix=heB
*2x Chocolate weetabix=heB + 2 syns
*Oats so simple porridge (i use microwavable sachets)= HeB
*Puffed wheat 28g =HeB (this is often in shops like home bargains for 69p....it's over priced in shops like asda).
*2 ryvita fruit crunch with sliced banana =HeB
*2x Alpen light bars=HeB
*1 Oaty bar=HeB
*1 fibre plus bar=HeB.
*2 slices of warbourtons wholemeal toast (400g loaf)=heB with beans and quorn sausages :)

Hope this helps a bit with your breakfast query :)
Oh my goodness - thank you so much!!!! :)

It definitely answered a lot of questions - I'm so glad I came on here.

So 2 weetabix definitely counts as 1 HEB and not 2 right?


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Yep, Weetabix is definitely 2 for a HEB!


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I definately agree with bulking it out with fruit.

I have strawberries, blueberries & grapes with half my HEXB of bran flakes & ff vanilla yog. I like it with sliced banana too but prefer saving the banana for my snack!

I find having fruit with it keeps me satisfied for much longer.
Just wanted to a massive THANK YOU to everyone who helped - lost 3lbs this week - the brekkie hints definitely helped towards that!

I am not a fan of porridge myself but my group leader said that she saves her milk allowance by pouring a muller light yoghurt over her porridge oats and putting it in the fridge overnight. In the morning the oats are nice and soft.
Can you tell WMD if Nestlé oats ans raisins are classed as Heb as well? I found this cereal and love it but not sure if I should use Syns or not. Any help is greatly appreciated
Hi all,

Im a bit confused as some cereals you can eat lets say 28 grms of and then you need to eat a ryvita cracker on top in order to count as 1 HEB! Cant you just take out the ryvita and make your 28g of cereal to a 35 g as done with the oats?
Hi all, Im a bit confused as some cereals you can eat lets say 28 grms of and then you need to eat a ryvita cracker on top in order to count as 1 HEB! Cant you just take out the ryvita and make your 28g of cereal to a 35 g as done with the oats?
It is to do with making sure you get the correct nutritional quota for it to be a healthy extra. So for instance a bigger serving of the cereal would not qualify. However a smaller serving combined with the ryvita meets the criteria. Hope that helps :)

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