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slimming world chips


No Coffee, No Workee
They are great aren't they? Try them with Quorn chicken burgers (2.5 syns each), and beans they're GORGEOUS! :eating:
I had them for dinner tonight too, seeing as I was cooking for my daughter as well. She loves them. I put loads of fajita spice on mine, and have them with quorn sausages. Yummy.
they are the best thing your allowed ion this diet me thinks!!!
I have heard so many different ways of making slimming world chips I am now confused, being as you are all saying how lovely they are, how do you all make yours?

sturdy x
i make mine by cutting quite chunkt chips then boiling them for no mre than 4-5 minutes, empty the water, chuck them about in th sauce man until they go all gooey around the whole of the chip. then put them on a baking tray, spray with fry light, i put lots of madon sea salt on mine too, and cook until cooked, they are scrummy with mayo!!
i meant sauce pan not sauce man!!
maldon sea salt!! god ive gota look at what im typing!!
Peel some spuds, boil them get the oven on gas mk9, spray the hot tray, drain and dry them, put them on the tray, spray them, put them at the top of the oven, out salt on them and watch the seonds go by.

when the are brown along the edges and tops get the fried eggs on,

little bit of cracked pepper, and eat. lovely.

has anyone put paprika on them the lads in the office do
never tried microwaving them!, but since I discovered making them with sweet potatoes instead of normal I am a complete convert, they're much quicker and taste much nicer too
I just cut into quite thick chips, rinse the starch off then stick on a baking tray I've already sprayed with frylight. I spray bit more frylight on the top and stick them in the oven. They take a few minutes longers as not parboiled but taste so good!


soon to be skinny minnie
I love sw chips, they are the best ever. I par boil some rooster potatoes, shake about in pan, bake at gas 9. They are amazing. I would love to know who invented this way of cooking them
Thanks for your replies, someone said put them in the mircowave instead of boiling them, I would have thought that would make them very dry.

Sturdy x
I do mine in the microwave for 5 minutes first, as I find parboiling a bit of a pain in the backside. I have a brilliant little plastic steamer that I bought for a fiver ages ago - stick them in that with a little bit of boiling water in the bottom, cook for 5 minutes and they're ready to go in the oven.

I use a HexB tblsp of oil on the tray and to coat the chips/wedges as well, they come out much crispier than when using FryLight.
I just chop the potatoes into chips, spray a baking tray with fry light, put chips on, spray more fry light on chips & sprinkle with salt, then bake in quite hot oven. I can't be bothered to par boil them first!
I just chuck them straight in the actifry with frylite.

I was tempted for a long time to buy one, but was put off by the price. Finally gave in at the beginning of Jan & bought one and I am so glad I did...wouldn't be without it now.

So much less preparation time...no need to keep turning, much less clearing up..just chuck the pan in the dishwasher. No more parboiling.

A real timesaver...not just for chips either!!

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