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Slimming world explained

Hello, this is my first post, i joined slimming world two weeks ago and the first week i lost 3 lbs but to be honest i just cant understand it. the leader is only new herself as it is not in Ireland very long so if anyone can direct me as to how to use it i would be grateful. Bread is my biggest downfall and crisps so i am not sure even which one i should be using. I also like my wine at weekends :p

I am coming from a weight watcher background and my head is full of the points system but i have heard how great slimming world is and i would really love to give it a proper go.

Any help would be appreciated :)
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Hi gabrielle. Once you get the hang of it you will be fine. I wouldrecommend getting the slimming world book! Its my bible. You can eat as much free food as you like eg fruit, veg depending on what day you do. Green or red day. Green is free pasta, potato, rice. And red days consist of meat and fish. You can have healthy extras too this is the confusing bit at first. Its hard for me to write it all down as im using my mobile. Ha ha. Maybe someone has a thread they can post to help you out?? This prob has not helped at all but just to say I know how you feel! X
If you have only recently joined Slimming World, I am presuming you are following the Extra Easy plan.

Firstly, as someone who has also done weight watchers in the past, you need to try to forget about points and weighing etc of foods. The slimming world plan is designed so you dont have to worry about these kind of things. Easier said than done I know, to try and forget them, when you may be so used to it.

Firstly in reply to your downfall of bread and crisps (and lets face it, everyone starts a diet with a certain downfall or we wouldnt be here in the first place) which you mentioned. No food is a no no on Slimming World. However, how much of those types of foods you can have has to be restricted, otherwise you will unfortunately never lose weight.

The first and main part of SW is the FREE FOODS list. Use your free foods unlimited to build meals. The Free foods list is huge, so there are so many possibilities of recipes etc, it is impossible to be lost with things to make. One thing SW advise however, is to make a 1/3 of your meal superfree food (superfree foods are most fruits and unstarchy vegetables). This is a clever way of controlling portions without the need for weighing or counting calories/points etc. Look at a standard plate for instance, if you filled a 1/3 of it with superfree vegetables, you only have 2/3 of your plate left for your free carbs and proteins and therefore your carb and protein portions are automatically controlled. Of course if you are making things like stews, casseroles, bolognese etc, superfree food can be added into the recipe. If that makes sense.

Just to note, you can eat as much as you like of the free foods to make yourself satisfied. Of course there is a limit too, just like with any healthy eating plan. That means try not to eat foods just because they are free. i.e eating when you are not really hungry.

SNACKS: First choice for snacks where possible should always be superfree foods. Of course there will be times when you feel you need something more substantial and this is fine too, use either free foods or you can use some of your syns for a snack.

HEALTHY EXTRAS: On extra easy you have 1 choice from the A list and 1 choice from the B list daily.

SYNS: 5-15 syns are allowed daily. These can be used on things which are not free such as sauces, snacks etc.

Very important to make sure you get plenty of water into you new eating plan. SW has lots of high fibre foods, so if you don't drink enough you may find you become bloated and constipated.

Hope that helps you a bit more.

I would also advise perhaps starting a food diary under the food diary section on here. That way members can look at your food diary for you daily and help you if you are still struggling in areas.

Good luck!! Slimming World is a great plan.
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hi gabrielle welcome to minimins :) i am following the extra easy plan and almost always have 15 syns a day (then if my weight gets a bit stuck i have something to cut back on) i like crisps i have velvety crunch crisps they r only 4 syns a bag u can get them in tesco do cheddar and spring onion flavour and sweet chilli which i love yum yum good luck :)
Thank you all so much for the help, i just am finding it hard to know which one to use red, green or orange or can i alternate these from day to day? also can i save some syns during the week so as to keep them for a few glasses of wine at the weekend?
Thank you all so much for the help, i just am finding it hard to know which one to use red, green or orange or can i alternate these from day to day? also can i save some syns during the week so as to keep them for a few glasses of wine at the weekend?
yep can you can alternate between the red, green or extra easy plan each day. However as a new starter. I recommend sticking to one for now, just until you get used to how the plans work.

you can use your syns as a daily allowance or as some people do add the 15 maximum per day as a weekly allowance and as long as you dont go over that then you should be fine.

good luc.
hi have to agree with BritMumInCanada get ur head around one plan first it takes a while for it to sink in i find the extra easy is easiest to do although when i first started following it was very confused as i had been bought up on red days and green so the extra easy seemed alien to me but now i've got my head around it love it :)

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