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Slimming World Girl

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by ASEBB, 22 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. ASEBB

    ASEBB Full Member

    Hello :)
    I'm Ali, I'm 19 and very unhappy with the weight i'm currently at. I have very little confidence because of my weight. I started uni last September and I don't feel like i'm getting the most out of my time there. I've gone out several times but alot of the time my flatmates will decide to go out spontaneously and I say no because I feel as though i've nothing to wear that i'll look good in and really i'm fed up of feeling like that. I'm also worried about the future. I don't want to be this fat person that doesn't really feel like me for the rest of my life and so I want to lose weight so I can properly experience all life has to offer me. I want to look good in my graduation photos and I hope someday to get married and I don't want to be the person that regrets that they weren't thinner on their wedding day. So now is the time for change.

    My Mum and I joined Slimming World together on the 3rd of June 2014. We both have alot of weight to shift but I think supporting each other we might be able to do this. So far i'm really enjoying all the meals we've had. The first week was good but I didn't have very high expectations as I didn't feel like I was dieting. Admitedly I did go and visit one of my friends at uni for the weekend and we drank alot of alcohol and ate rubbish food but I was good the rest of the time and so I lost 3lbs which surprised me and I didn't think i'd lose at all the amount I had eaten. In the second week I made a silly mistake where I was at my friends house watching the first match of the world cup and there were crisps and pizza and lots of naughty food around and without thinking I started munching on the crisps my friend was eating. However I think this made me more careful for the rest of the week and so I lost 4.5lbs AND got slimmer of the week :D. Starting to notice a bit of difference, my jeans and getting loose around the waist which is just more motivation to keep going. I'm feeling happier now than I have for awhile. I feel more in control.

    Currently Day 4 of Week 3 and I'm hoping for another good loss next weigh in (Tuesday) i've been really good about not consuming too many syns. Last night I went camping with my friends and I took the Sainsbury's Low Fat Sausages to BBQ and had no syns during the day so I measured out my Vodka (140ml - 16syns -Just a bit over but most days I don't reach 15syns) and only took that volume with me so I couldn't go too much over and drink more than I realised! I drank it with diet coke and said no to all of the crisps and sweets that were being offered around and consumed some strawberries(Yum Yum).

    Tonight I'm going to a friends party and I know for a fact that she is cooking pizza and I'm not sure how I'm going to avoid it...I know everyone else will be drinking so I might not drink due to the fact I drank last night and consume my syns in pizza form. I haven't told everyone that i'm doing Slimming World only my Family and two of my closest friends know as I feel abit embarrassed (Not sure why probably need to get over it)

    I'm hoping by keeping a weightloss diary it will keep me responsible and on the right track. I know I have a lot of weight to lose but this is just the beginning :D
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  3. denise42

    denise42 Silver Member

    Hi Ali, here to subscribe and follow your journey. Everyone is really friendly on here and extremely helpful if you have any questions.
  4. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Hello Ali! Welcome and good luck to you and your mom with your journey to the new and skinny world!! You did right to start online weightloss diary! It will help you a lot to keep going;-)
  5. ASEBB

    ASEBB Full Member

    Thank you :) we didn't do too well this week :/ we both only lost 0.5lbs which is still a loss but not a very big one! I know where I went wrong. When I went to my friends party I wasn't planning on drinking but my friends made a fuss (I should have more willpower/be less easily persuaded) and so I had a few drinks anyway but before that I'd already eaten the pizza I was planning on eating so I really oversyn-ed that night. I actually found that I wasn't enjoying drinking, I just kept thinking this has no nutritional benefit why are you doing this and it's got me thinking maybe I should just not drink whilst i'm on the Slimming World as I wasn't really a big drinker in the first place and it offers no benefits at all except temporary relaxation and mild boost in confidence but I think that weightloss in the long run is a much better confidence booster than alcohol.

    This Sunday I'm going away to a summer school program where all of the food is prepared for us and we don't get a say in what we're eating which is quite scary as i'll have no control. I'm going to try and make healthy choices but I know alot of things will be cooked in real oil instead of fry light. The summer school lasts from Sunday-Friday so i'm going to miss my Tuesday weigh-in which is also abit scary as I won't have that sense of I need to eat healthily because I've only got a week until i'm next weighed feeling. I'm also worried about how my Mum will do as she's not very good at syn-ing things that she's eating. Last week I found her eating houmous without measuring it and not even considering the syns until I reminded her. But we will see how it goes! I'm not going to abandon ship completely but i'm not optimistic for my next weigh-in.
  6. denise42

    denise42 Silver Member

    Hi Ali, if you try to stick to the veggies, fruit and lean meats whilst your away you shouldn't do to badly. Try to avoid anything you think will be high in syns just because like you said you have no way of knowing how its cooked. Maybe if you have a word with the chef...they would have to take your dietary requirements into consideration if you had allergies. Might worth a try.

    otherwise its just a week out of your life you can get back on track when you get back home.....good luck :)
  7. BubblesAnseo

    BubblesAnseo Full Member

    Here to subcribe this is my 3rd week weigh in !! :) best of luck on you journey xxx
  8. ASEBB

    ASEBB Full Member

    Thanks...I've had a look at a sample menu where i'm going and the food looks amazing but in no way at all slimming world friendly...lots of pies and gravy and custard...there is a seasonal fruit platter option for dessert which will be good :D also there's a gym and so i'll take my gym kit and just try and burn what I eat instead of worrying about it and just take it as just one week of the rest of my life.
  9. ASEBB

    ASEBB Full Member

    Good luck to you too!
  10. ASEBB

    ASEBB Full Member

    Hi, Currently at the Summer School and everything i've eaten (3 meals so far) has not been SW friendly. :( I don't know if i'm imagining it or whether its to do with the food at all but i'm feeling quite groggy and alot less positive than I've been feeling for the last 4 weeks... I think I might go for option 1 in the summer booklet of forgetting about Slimming World for the week so i'm not constantly feeling guilty and just getting back on track when I get home but then I might lose all the effort i've put up til now :/ I really wanted to lose about a stone before I went back to uni in september but if I put on half a stone before my next weigh in then I will have to work to get that off before I can lose the stone. Or it could just make me work extra hard when I do get back on plan...

    Basically this update is an ooops :(
  11. denise42

    denise42 Silver Member

    Don't lose heart with it, use the gym facilities, eat 3 meals but avoid inbetween snacking unless its a healthier option. This should keep you on an even keel. Can you get out and about to buy some fruit etc?
  12. ASEBB

    ASEBB Full Member

    Unfortunately not...Middle of nowhere and no transport I'm not eating inbetween meals but what i've been eating at meals is worrying...I had mushroom soup for dinner but it was REALLy creamy so I hate to think of the syns in that. When I get some free time i'm going to try and go to the gym but we really don't have much we're busy pretty much from 8am-10pm its very intense
  13. ASEBB

    ASEBB Full Member

    Hello :) Last weeks weigh in was better than expected! After I came back from Summer School (Friday) I weighed myself and i'd only put on 2lbs which was less than I expected then I was really good for the rest of the week and so when it came to my Tuesday WI I had lost half a pound of those 2lbs i'd put on and so overall +1.5lbs (15st 13lbs) which was a lot better than expected but going into this week I felt really determined to get the weight i'd put on off so I've been really good eating lots of vegetables and finally eating the vegtables first and then if I have leftover pasta and chickpeas I'd clingfilm them and leave them for tomorrow when I felt full up instead of eating everything on my plate because it was there. Then yesterday I weighed myself and I'd somehow gone down to 15st9.75lbs!! I don't understand why but then yesterday I went to see my friend and we went to a regatta and I rejected the fudge that she bought telling her i've been trying to eat healthily and she sort of disregarded that fact and then I hadn't eaten lunch before I went (I know stupid of me) and all the food there was junk food...and so we got a hot dog...I tried to just eat the sausage as I'd had my All-Bran for breakfast so that was my HEb so I didn't want the bread and all those syns. I also said no to the candyfloss she wanted to buy which I'm quite proud of myself for because I have quite a sweet tooth and candyfloss is something I associate with fairs. Then we were going to watch the fireworks that night and so she said we should get dinner in the town before the fireworks to kill some time and the only options were Pizza Express, Zizzis and Presso and she wanted to go to Pizza Express and I'd remembered reading somewhere that Pizza Express was not SW friendly at all so this filled me with dread but then I thought its okay because I was seriously down on my weight this morning so I got Pollo Pesto...there were probably better options but I felt as though if I was going to spend my money I might as well enjoy it. The main only took a small amount of time and so my friend wanted to buy pudding to kill more time before the fireworks and I protested saying that I've already eaten badly and so I didn't want anymore food but she wouldn't order dessert unless I did and made me feel really guilty about it and so I said i'd look at the menu thinking she'd order whether or not I did once she'd seen the menu but then there was Tiramisu...my favourite and I have no strength to say no -_- eurrrrgh I'm so annoyed at myself today...I stayed at her house afterwards and then this morning I declined breakfast knowing she didn't have any HEb types of breakfast and her mother made me feel rude saying she'd gone to the effort to get breakfast for us I could at least be grateful and so I said yes to a small amount of cereal but I'm just so annoyed at myself now. I feel as though i've ruined it.

    I think what I really need to do is learn that what I want is important but that probably comes from the lack of self confidence and not back down when I say no. Hoping if i'm REALLY good for the rest of the week that it won't affect it that much as its one meal out of 21 but I just feel rubbish.

    Advice on how people learnt to say no would be useful if anybody has any...
  14. ASEBB

    ASEBB Full Member

    Mum is doing well too if you're interested :) She's lost 11.5lbs so far! I'm so proud of her
  15. Elaine55

    Elaine55 Member

    Well done, just one hiccup with all that emotional pressure from your friend and her mum - you should be proud of yourself DON'T FEEL RUBBISH.

    We all need support from our friends and family it's so hard when they put temptation your way. Look to your 'minim ins family' here that's what we are all here for.
  16. ASEBB

    ASEBB Full Member

    Thank you :) I'm really enjoying having this online family :) it's nice to know that there are people out there who understand what its like to be in the same position. Most of my friends are lovely and slim and I feel as though i'm the 'fat' friend. Mum's said maybe my friends don't want me to lose weight because then I wouldn't be the fat one that they're obviously better looking than and I'm not sure how true that is or if its true for everyone but after yesterday/this morning I am starting to think maybe its abit true as my friend seemed like she was trying to sabotage my efforts.
  17. denise42

    denise42 Silver Member

    Hi hun, you need to stick to your guns when out with your friends, you make the choice of where to eat, if you don't want pudding don't be guilted into it by your friend, a little harsh but she should be supporting you and your choices and going out of her way to make sure you are on plan. You have to be a little selfish huni an consider what you want - better food choices and a steady loss to your ideal weight. If your friends want junk food fine, if you can fit it into plan great if not make your argument to eat elsewhere. When is your weigh in?

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  18. ASEBB

    ASEBB Full Member

    Weigh in is Tuesday so i've got to hope that my good eating before the weekend will help me get rid of the weight I put on from summer school if i'm really good for the next two days...Just hope I haven't completely ruined it with my lack of backbone. I still haven't told most people that i'm actually on a diet. I've been tending to say i'm trying to eat more healthily only my two closest friends and my family know (even my Dad isn't that supporting of SW) so i'm sure they'd probably be more supportive if they knew I was actually trying to lose weight but I just can't bring myself to admit it to people i'm not that close to for some reason.
  19. denise42

    denise42 Silver Member

    Aww hun, WI will be fine, eat plenty of speed foods tomorrow. You did really well whilst at summer school so you'll be fine. Fingers crossed for a loss :)

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  20. NewMe14

    NewMe14 Gold Member

    Hi, here to subscribe.

    You and your Mum are both doing fantastic, well done to you both. What I would say on the friend thing is try and just say no be firm and instead of a dessert have a coffee instead while she having dessert? I know it's hard but this is your journey hun and you are doing great. I have a friend at the moment who is hindering my weight loss. Knows I'm on sw but yet and all brings me a big lump of cheesecake to eat and tea with sugar in. I could not resist it cheesecake is my downfall! I felt so annoyed with myself afterward also. It's just not worth the guilt. would you tell a few more people you are on sw? It might make things a bit easier for you? At least then people will know why your not eating bad foods etc. xxx
  21. ASEBB

    ASEBB Full Member

    I didn't even think about just having a coffee instead of a pudding...I shall consider that next time :) Mum has a friend who fills up her wine glass when she's allowed herself one small one when she knew that she's on SW. I know I should tell more people but it feels quite embarrassing to have to admit that I need to be on SW to help me lose weight as opposed to just loosing it by myself :/

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