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slimming world is soooo much better than WW


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I did WW for 14 months & only lost 7lbs whereas my nan & cousin have done amazingly well on it. Different things work for different people (I still can't work how how it didn't work for me).
Like you, I prefer not to count/point everything so SW is perfect for me, I'm never hungry, love it! :) x


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There's a lot of people that say WW is sssssso much better than SW too.

As above. Different people....



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Yep, my friend absolutely loves WW and sometimes I get rather jealous of her eating bagels and wraps!
Each to their own, it's all about finding whatever works for you.


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That's why there are so many diets out there, what one person likes and does well with, another thinks is dreadful! Personally I like both WW and SW, but I find SW much easier to follow around my family and to sustain over a longer period of time. Although I lost weight much faster on WW.
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utternutta said:
I did WW and all that pointing all the time, everything you eat, pointing it!!! Hardly any way to live. Least with sw you have your free foods and just weight the healthy extras/syns etc....
I agree, for me I feel that WW is a diet, SW is a healthy eating lifestyle change. WW didn't teach me to eat healthy just limited me to what I ate.

Yes, everyone is different but I don't think the poster meant how it seems to have come across! SW is better for HER xx
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I have done Weight Watchers since January and have lost 2 and a half stone. Moved onto Slimming World last Thursday because I found that my menu's were getting a bit stale and I was getting bored, so, rather than fall off the wagon completely I thought I would move plans. So far I've found it great! I work, and I've got a little boy to look after so I don't have as much time as I'd like to plan meals, experiment and cook all the time - but so far so good. First weight in for me tomorrow under the new SW regime - oooooooooooooo


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Like a lot of people have said, it's all personal preference. Being vegetarian I couldn't stick to WW as the portions of things like beans and pulses, pasta and rice, which I rely on at uni, were so small I was always starving.
Also, I found that you could eat what you wanted as long as it was within your points, so it didn't teach me to eat healthily, just taught me ways of getting more chocolate for my points! :p

But, I have family that lost LOADS of weight on WW, and it works for an awful lot of people.

Each to their own :)

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