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Always stay to meetins otherwise your paying every week to just get weighed which you could just do at home anyway!
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if you are going to pay just to get weighed you might as well pay 20p in boots. You will get sooo much out of staying to the class, not only the support from members but they do a whole host of fun things too including tasting evenings etc. Do try and stay it really is worth it.
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You don't have to stay but like others have said it does help. Even if you don't stay, just joining SW is a big help, knowing you have to go to class each week is an incentive in itself to lose weight. You also get access to the SW website once you have joined.
I always stay to class. Find it very helpful and always come away feeling motivated. But there's plenty at our meeting who don't stay.

Why not stay and see what you think.

Irene xx
You can just weigh and go and we have lots who do but they don't benefit fully from the group.
I appreciate that some people don't like the whole Image Therapy thing but you do get some good hints and tips and you can share your joy if you've had a good week and if you've had a bad week, you'll realise you're not the only one!!

Give it a go, at least stay to the first few meetings until you get the hang of things hun.

Good luck. x


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I agree that you should really try and stay to class. In general the people who don't stay aren't as successful. Staying to class really sets you up for the coming week and you leave full of inspiration and motivated to do well. If you do have an odd bad week then staying can really turn it around for you - if you leave after a gain you'll be more likely to go home and wallow, putting you at risk of going off track.

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I love my SW class and really look forward to it wach week! In the past I've not stayed to classes (WW or SW) and this time I've stayed to each one and even put it on diary/calendar each week to plan it in and stay and work other commitments around it xx


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I also suggest stay. It does help and inspire
I don't always do it myself, as sometimes I have reasons for rushing off, like tonight when the weather is bad, and getting worse, and I have to walk in it so wanted to get home. But it has been proved that those who stay do succeed more than those who don't!
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You can go and just get weighed, but as the others have said, you'd be missing out on so much!

If you're paying £4.50 a week, why not stay and get the advice from your consultant and the experience of all the other members of your group? You'll get food ideas, have the chance to discuss where things are going wrong or right, and often have a really good laugh at the same time.

Some people don't really like the group thing, but if you stick with it, I can almost guarantee that you'll learn more, pick up the plan faster and ultimately do better! It takes a lot of dedication to go it alone, and those who do so, I am always impressed with. Me, I like to make the most of the experience on offer!

:) Good luck :)


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Nothing more i can really add! But stay to group!! It will help you in the long run and you also meet new people and have a good natter!!!

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My first consultant used to have a poster she put on her table which said '98% of members who don't stay to class never reach their target'.

You'll be paying for something you're not getting any benefit from so why pay in the first place?
My first consultant used to have a poster she put on her table which said '98% of members who don't stay to class never reach their target'.

You'll be paying for something you're not getting any benefit from so why pay in the first place?
That is so true! I've been going 2.5 years and I've never ever know a non-stayer to reach target. Most only last a few months!

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When I could afford to go to classes, I would stay religiously each week. You benefit from hearing of everyone's experience (especially target members), get up dated with information on the changes to the plan, plus you receive rewards like Slimmer of the Week etc, just to give you that little boost.
If you can stay, I would recommend it. I miss my class :(
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I don't want to sound contrary, but I'm going to put in my two-pence worth...

I always hated classes- if anything they demotivated me. I really do appreciate that the 2 seperate experiences I had with groups must be very rare, but they would just get me angry- people would just use them as moaning sessions about how hard it was and how they couldn't do it and it wasn't there fault so I found it increasingly difficult to make the effort to stay as I left feeling so de-motivated.

I recognised though that I needed to 'commit' to it, so I joined bodyOptimise (SW online) which is the perfect compromise for me, as i work away, hated classes, but still wanted all the SW resources and to make a financial commitment to ensure I stuck to it- I pay in advance so it is harder for me to fall off the wagon and have all the support I require straight from the horses mouth (and not re-interpreted by a consultant who may give a different story to the next)

But, I completely understand that this is a personal choice- I still absolutely agree that paying £4.50 just to weigh-in may eventually lead to you dropping it, just wanted to give an alternative view point

Good luck in whatever you do

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