Slimming World - not eating enough


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Does anyone have the same problem as me?

I have about a stone to lose, it'll come off slowly. If I'm not dieting I know what I do wrong and eat wrong but not lots of cakes and chips - just a few bits, so dieting isn't a major change, just cutting out a little - but when I am dieting I struggle to eat enough, I have such a busy life and end up skipping meals or just grabbing fruit or yoghurt - always have an ok dinner but very late.
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Sometimes. Weekends are hard for me cuz that's when I'm busiest. I don't eat much at all! But I always get back on track by Monday. But I make good choices at the weekend, I just don't get all my HEs in or enough fruit/veg. As long as u are making a valient attempt to eat a somewhat balanced diet, u r good to go. Just make sure u don't get hungry and stock up on stuff u can grab and go. Good luck!


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I go to a slimming world group as well and I was just talking to my leader person about the fact that I don't eat enough. Rather than have a proper meal, I'll have a cup of tea. Or, as my boyfriend says, I eat to stave off hunger rather than to fill me up. A "meal" to me is a banana. I have no idea what the proper amount of food in a day looks like.

But my major problem is that I love love love chocolate and I think this is where my weight gain comes in. Rather than have breakfast, lunch, or dinner all day I could easily just have chocolate and tea. This means, according to my SW leader, that my body is in starvation mode and doesn't have the calories to burn off anything. So I end up just gaining weight.

Over the years I've gotten better, but it's still a major problem for me. Even now that I'm putting in the effort to eat more, I still end up with only a few things in my food diary (eg. today I've had a banana, a pack of super fat free noodles, and three cups of tea and it's 3:15pm). So the biggest challenge for me in this diet is eating more, and eating better!