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Slimming World on Referral??

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Evening all,
there are a few ladies in my class who have been referred to the class and received 12 weeks free classes as long as they do a half hour aerobics class beforehand? Does anyone know about this and what the criteria is to qualify??

I'll ask about it on Thursday but until then, just wondered if anyone else knew??
Many thanks x x
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Devon Dolce

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I have heard of peeps getting SW through referral but not about the aerobics class beforehand, that sounds more like Rosemary Conley to me... x


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I think you need to get an appointment with a nurse, and they can then refer you.

My friend has just got 12 weeks of SW free, but no gym rule...??!?! xx


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My brother did SW on referral but didn't have to do aerobics (or any other exercise class) first.

I think there was a message on here a little while ago that said about doing an exercise class beforehand though - or my memory is failing with age - not sure which.


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it totally depends what your sugery is offering, i refer people to winning weigh at the mo, we only signpost people to WW/SW. think it depends on what your PTC have decided in your area.. i'll find out more at work tmrw. think us practice nurses could refer ourselves? cos i fancy saving a fortune! lol


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our PCT provides no referral in my area. Shame, because I'll be stopping in a few weeks when I have no money.


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thats a shame crys :( they should do more to provide these referrals really, i know loads of my patients would much rather go SW/WW than some random keep fit class in the local library and 121 counterweight which is such a massive waste of money!


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Hiya, my friend is in Walsall....but my other friend got discounted gym membership - something called DocSpot....not sure if this was Bham or Solihull as she lives Sheldon way x
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Thanks for all the replies. I went to my doctors this morning and they know nothing about it but I will find out off my consultant on Thursday x x


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Wigan health trust defo do it- someone posted on here a while ago

(btw- there is a new sausage stall in the indoor market at Wigan that sells AMAZING syn free sausages- I know this is off topic, but know you will appreciate it lol)

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On the slimming world website there's a section for doc's. Maybe point him to the site or better yet print it off and hand it to him. Some doc's just won't have heard of it but it may be happening in others surgeries in your PCT. If it isn't then you could write to the PCT with the info and find out why not! It seems to vary nationwide, some people have to do the exercise class first, others nothing at all. Some only offer it if you haven't been at slimming world before or within a year. I really should check what the policy around here is. It's only £5 but it all adds up!
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oooo thanks everyone and yes those sausages sound yummy!!!! I am off shopping tomorrow so I will pick some up. Can't wait!!

yes it's only a fiver but 12 weeks x 5 is 60 quid! and we can't grumble at that!!

claire x x
Hi guys, wigan defo do it as i am with them at the mo. It is through NHS lose weight feel great and they have a website ( just google it ). You just ring the number on the site, they ask your details, height and weight and give you a couple of options on how they can help. Your 12 week countdown takes just over a week to arrive and there is an exercise element. The type of exercise depends which class u attend but you have to attend 9 out of 12 or they can recall the countdown. Hope this helps x
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Thanks everyone, I googled it, found it, rang them and now I'm booked in !! yey!! 12 weeks free starting in July (long waiting list) but every little helps!! x x

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