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Slimming world or Cambridge

Hello all.

I hope you are all.

I need some help.

I fell off the wagon and basically I am heavier than ever.

I am trying to decide whether to do the cambridge diet and lose rapid weight like my friend or go slower and get back to slimming world.

What ever diet I do I lose well in first two weeks and then after go off the rails if i put 1/2 a 1lb on.

Not trying to upset anyone in asking about two diets .. just extremely unhappy and want to lose a stone and quickly..

6 stone to lose but a stone off quick will make me human again ..

Love to all

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In total I have lost over nine stone, and I wish I had found slimming world earlier, I was following a strict 1000 calories a day until earlier this year...tbh I know a quick loss is nice to see but it isnt healthy and neither is it easy to maintain...although there are people who have followed cambridge for the first few stone then switched.

My opinion is slimming world all the way...but I think its a personal choice and the only way you will get a gain is if you cheat x
Hi Snuggle,

Wow 9 stone that is a hell of lot. I had a quick lost last year and it did go back on.
I lost 8 lbs in two week on SW back in April and I have been a fool not getting back on it. Now I am wishing that I can change in a month.

Thanks for your opinion. The worst thing is I was selling SW to the world now feel i have to hide away xxx


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hey hun never hide away, it obviously wasnt the right time for you, but you do know it works!

We all fall off the wagon, but you have decided to climb back on and we are all here to help you x
Thanks Snuggle .. 9 stone ... how long has that taken you ? xxx

Just going through my food diaries..

Now to work out the next bit.. I have never been to a group just a pop in ...

Can I do this on my own ... xx


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Its taken just over 3 years, and I have fallen off the wagon a few times lol.

Personally I really gain out of attending the class, plus we have a good old chin wag...but some people can do it on their own..I did the first 7 stone but then became complacent hence the joining slimming world!
3 years is a lot of time and dedication - although I do wonder if I stuck at it I could be where I want to be by now.

I have been a night mare think about what to do and have ended up eatting more in the process , especially by saying this is my last day of bad food, eatting lots then not starting..

I may have a look for a class near me ... xxx


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good luck hun....we are all here to support you x
So you want to know SW or Cambridge. I'd definately recommend you try SW again. There are so many everyday meals which you can adapt to SW friendly meals. Simple changes do make a difference, using frylight instead of oil, having less mayo etc.

You don't need me to point out that in April you were 8lbs lighter & since then you've gone off plan. Just think had you stuck to it you how much you could have lost.

It is a long term plan, there are no quick fixes. But one thing is for sure we're all here to help you.

Good luck whatever you decide;)

Lucky Cat

A work in progress
Never having done either diet I'm not really qualified to comment, but I can only echo what has been said above. I think you'd be better with SW - you need something sustainable in the long term. We all want a quick fix - we want to lose weight and lose it fast - but you've found out at the problem with that is that it's so easy to go back to old habits and the weight goes straight back on. You need something that you can look at as a lifelong way of eating, not just a short term thing to shift the weight.
Hi Louise,

Back in January, I had roughly the same amount of weight to lose as you. Between January and May, I went it alone, with no plan, just calorie counting, and whilst I managed to lose a couple of stone, I struggled to keep motivated, which is why I ended up at SW. Best decision I ever made. I joined in May and have been going for about 9 weeks now. I have now lost a total of over 4 stone, and want to lose about 2 1/2 more. Other than last weekend, where I had family staying, I have stayed on plan 100% of the time, and am approaching my 2st loss since starting with SW. Thats in a little over 2 months. So losing well, and quickly, is perfectly possible without having to resort to a food replacement programme.

The key ingredient is determination. I am totally focussed on what I need to do and that overrides everything else when it comes to slipping up. Having to weigh in each week at group is a vital part of that, when you know that you will be back there in a week, accounting for what you have done that week, it is MUCH easier to stay on plan. The other advantage with SW is that it is a plan specifically designed to stop you feeling hungry, and that allows you to snack. But without focus, you would struggle with any diet or healthy eating plan.

You say you are unhappy and that a quick stone loss would give you a boost. That is entirely possible with SW as long as you have the focus and determination to stick with it. But perhaps you need to look as well at why you ended here, and learn to like and love yourself whatever size you are. Losing weight will not fix your mindset, but having a more positive mindset will help you lose the weight :)

Good luck, whatever you decide to do. You will get much support from the lovely people here.
I agree slimming world is the healthy choice and it doesn't feel like a diet, best to lose it slow and make heathly eating choices become part of your life. Who really wants to eat saturated fats, loads sugar.
I don't even like the taste of sugary or fatty foods any more. Good luck on your mission.

Hello all,

My decision is made sorry Cambridge dieters and good luck.

I am going/ coming back to SW and this time 100%

Thank you everyone for your kind words time and support and well done on your own journeys.

Happyholidays Michelle – Thanks for your advice hun I do like my fry light – I know I could have been a hell of a lot lighter if I hadnt had a over reaction to putting on half a pound , I wouldn’t mind it didn’t even notice lol

Lucky Cat – Thanks long term that’s all I need to remind myself.

Madamelaminx – Hi

I started a diet in January too and so wish I was telling the same story as you.
100 % seems to be the key.

The words determination and being positive have homed in today.

24772433 – I would love to not like fat and sugars !!!

But I need to stop being lazy and get my SW cook book out, buy fresh food and do some exercise.

And re join a group when I get paid ! BUT in the mean time I have the food to get on with it :) xx



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wahoooo welcome back hun, and remember we are all here to support you x
Thanks Snuggle - I showed someone your photos yesterday - they are part of my inspiration now ! x


Gone fishing
I have done SW many times in the past, and Cambridge.

Lost 8 stone with Cambridge and found it suited me best and got me to my goal which unfortunately I just couldn't get to on SW.

I loved the fast weight loss and knowing I was getting everything I needed nutritionally. I loved having the clean slate to work from when I got nearer goal. I loved the ease of the plan, not having to think out the meals (I did SS most of the time) and the lack of cravings.

Personally, I didn't want a diet that was long term any more. I wanted to get to goal and maintain on 'normal eating'. I was fed up of dieting, so not looking for anything sustainable long term this last time. Just wanted to get there and crack the maintenance part.
Hi KD - Thank you for your note - you have done really well - well done on will power - I did lighter life last year for a couple of months actually was prob more like a 2 days 100 % - I am a bit of a researcher - and found ways to cheat and eat - terrible isnt it - I worked out my body allows me about 50 - 60 grams of Carbs anything after that kicks me out of ketosis - I loved the dramatic weight loss could have been more but due to my cheat lost i think 22 lbs started at 15.3 now I weigh in could be 16.3 cant really tell with my new scales which seem to be broken :)

My friend started the cambridge a year ago after she had popped round and i had told her about my lost she has stuck to it lost 3 stone and she is back on trying to lose another stone and looks fab - she actually came round with lots of trousers/ jeans and linen for me to get in to size 16 -- amazing i was that size my self untill i gave up smoking then had mass gain ... now in a very tight 18 ...

I would love the quick fix cambridge and i can see it works it def did for you which is fab ... but I am back on SW ..

I did try a day of CB the other day as I have selection which i brought begining of the year and i ended up cheating by eatting chicken slices on the first day and then my man came over and i caved in to spag bol ..

Love to all xxxxxx
Thanks Madamelaminx too lol xx

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