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slimming world question

big bear

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You will probably be safer posting on the SW section you'll definitely get an answer there. I'm sure that you do but I'm not 100%.


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i have been told that i can have 3 A options. i think it's the A ones. the cheese ones in any case, ha. for extra calcium. that's the only difference. and i never manage to use them all. the booklet i got doesn't say that however... but that's what the woman told me when i joined.

abz xx
Girls my doc wont sign the form to go to SW until Ive had my 12 week check up. Im eating really strange things. Im not hungry most of the time but other days Im ravenous and its scary!

Would anyone be able to tell me what sort of things SW lets you eat??
SW is a healthy eating plan, the good thing about it is that you can eat lots of Free food, such as pasta, potatoes, rice, SW chips on a green day and mostly meat based things on red days, you are then also allowed Healthy extras and a number of Syns a day. It sounds complicated but its really easy, I would reccommend joining a club if you have never done the plan before as they will explain it all to you. You are never hungry cos of the free food and its a very healthy way of eating when you are pregnant;)
I have the books at home so haven't been going to class. But you really need the basic books to follow it.
What I would suggest is if you go to the search bar and search for how sliiming world works ie green days, red days, recipes, syns etc, you will prob find all the answers you need.
Hope that helps a little.