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slimming world ready mealS ?

My consultant said there were plans for this, this was a few months ago though! I havent heard anything since though! I hope they do xx


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I would hope that there isn't such thing....only because, really, it defeats the purpose of what SW is all about in my opinion.

The only way ready meals are profitable are when they're bulked out with gunk- like flower, oil, sugars and salts...

It really would be against what SW is trying to achieve....

But I've heard rumours over the last few months- I think it's just wishful thinking on some peoples' parts maybe? I dunno


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Oh help a SW ready meal thread :eek:

*gets the hard hat out and on ready for the morning*
Is there usually a kick off on this kinda thread or something? This is the first one I've seen so I dunno :p


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Lets just say it tends to get a bit heated... passions run very high on this particular subject lol x
Rut roh

*finds comfy hidey place*
^^^ They're not "Slimming World" approved though are they?

Onto the original post, there was a lengthy debate on this a while back, getting into the whys and wherefores of how correct it is/isn't for SW to promote ready meals.

Anyway, nothing ever came of it, and I've heard this several times over the last few years.
quote from slimming world website
"Some diets not only take away our pleasure in food (eating becomes a miserable experience when we have to weigh and measure everything!) they also make a huge dent in our wallets! Some diet plans involve buying huge quantities of expensive meat, or costly supplements. There are even diets that rely on you buying ready-made meals and meal replacement snacks! No wonder these diets just aren’t realistic for long-term weight loss"

SW don't approve of ready meals so unless they are changing their whole principles think its a bit of a no-no.

Much better to make big batch of something, then freeze your own so that you have your own SW ready meals.

Maybe we should have a sticky for what meals can make in batches and freeze for when short of time.


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Much better to make big batch of something, then freeze your own so that you have your own SW ready meals.

Maybe we should have a sticky for what meals can make in batches and freeze for when short of time.

You pipped me to the post slimbysummer, I was going to say that surely the best "ready meal" to have would be one that you had made and frozen yourself as in batch cooking perhaps.

At least this way you know EXACTLY what has gone into it and you know that it is a SW recipe or follows the SW plan/s in the first place.
Aww Gemma, don't worry. And actually that quote has been taken out of context a bit, it doesn't say that they don't approve of ready meals, they are just having a bit of a pop at the diet plans that insist you use THEIR ready meals as a programme, like Jenny Craig etc. I don't think they would totally write them off because they understand the need to be able to eat quickly at times, and if they do decide to bring out such a range at some point, it would backfire if they had completely slagged them off beforehand.

If they do bring out a range at some point and they are nice, I see no harm in them. There are times in my life when it would be very useful to have one handy.
Was a question just out of interest that's all
Dont think anyones saying wasn't good question/thread.

SW have a great book on branded free foods as they know that people NEED ready meals sometimes (i know i like the pasta n sauce / mugshots).

I personally would be surprised if they bring any of their own meals out as it goes against their own ethos of encouraging homecooking (ready meals have to have in them some sort of preservatives or else wouldn't survive from production to supermarket to our mouths). But i do love their HIFI bars etc.

I guess we'll all have to wait and see eh!
I don't think it is a good idea, although I am not against it in principle, I just think that it is a sensible commercial decision.

There are the costs of formulating the meals, doing trials, finding the right manufacturer, factory set up costs, marketing costs, etc. It is a huge risk.

When WeightWatchers started marketing ready meals they were owned by Heinz and therefore had all the resources of that huge organisation behind them. And Heinz still makes WW foods.

There are loads of good-quality ready meals available for those who want them, and they are all listed in the SW syn lists, so if I were SW I would say "why bother?"


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I agree - every meal I make I make huge amounts and then freeze portions including rice. So easy then to just steam some veggies and Bobs your uncle!! Simples
How did you know I had an uncle Bob? :eek:

No that's what I do- I make a little extra, even just an extra portion, and freeze it. Definitely helps when things are busy, I can either leave it out in the morning then heat it up when I get home, or just whip it out the freezer and heat it up for a little bit longer :p

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