Slimming World vs Weight Watchers


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I'm an avid SW fan and lost 2 stone just before getting preg with Riley so I know it works. I need to loose weight again (badly!!) and I've started on SW but have found that due to being ill at the moment (long term thing) I really dont have to energy to cook from fresh and SW requires a lot of that if your going to stick to the plan so I was wondering if WW might suit me a bit better at the mo as i've seen that they do ready meals and quick things to eat.

Is there anyone who's done both? Did you find the switch over ok? Why did you change?

How difficult/easy is WW and how does it work (briefly) please?

Thanks x
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I've switched from SW to WW. I lost 17lb on WW ( and gained a few back as soon as I stopped ). I then started WW and have lost 21lbs officially there since beginning of November. Haven't been to WI for a few weeks because I'm struggling finding a convenient class at the moment.

Anyways, personally I decided to switch because I was getting frustrated with how specific the HEx's were and when I did actually buy what they asked it would cost a fortune.

BUT since starting WW I haven't eaten a single WW meal or product. I'm actually kind of against them. They're handy in an emergency but really shouldn't be a staple part of anyone's diet (just my opinion). Personally my way of eating is not too far removed from how I was eating with SW (healthy eating is healthy eating no matter what label you put on it) but I have the freedom to adapt my eating around real life. I.e forgetting my lunch at work (no problem, grab a sandwich.

As a very personal bonus for me as well I'm someone with very basic tastes and the 1/3 superfree got a bit annoying at times. If I have a ham sandwich I want ham and bread. I hate salad so don't want to add that and don't want to eat a piece a fruit with it for the sake of it. But since WW is all about balance I could have extra veg with another meal in the day and be perfectly happy.

Ok, ramble over...


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S: 13st0lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 1st0lb(7.69%)
Thanks for replying lucky, that's exactly what I wanted to hear :) I do cook lots from fresh & eat a healthy balanced diet but would just like a bit more flexibility if im not feeling up to cooking or in a rush so can use a ready meal.

I bought some stuff yesterday and I'm going to sign up online. Will that give me everything I need? I can't commit to going to class each week at the moment so thought online would suit me better for the mo!

I'll let you know how I get on x


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I went the other way did ww first then switched I have got to target many times with sw then stopped going gained it again so went back I'm currently restarting my journey as I've just had a baby,And I've lost 9.5 lb in 4 weeks just another stone to go now,I never fill up the 3rd of the plate with salad if I want just a sandwich that's what I have the 3rd is just recommended not a must,I like that I can always find something to eat where on weight wAtchers I was always hungry because my points didn't go very far