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Slimming world whilst pregnant....


Addicted to Minimins!
Being an already plus sized gal finding out i was pregnant (again! lol) and that i was only going to get bigger filled me with dread - however this pregnancy has gone relatively smoothly & I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant - saw the midwife this morning and everything is normal and progressing well :)
I'm possibly going to have to have a c-section as i had to have one with my son and they tore a hole in my uterus whilst pulling out the placenta and so they're worried about me rupturing while in natural labour - they still haven't made up their minds on whether they're going to let me try for a natural birth but just incase i have to have surgery i've been advised to limit any extra weight gain & if i could 'lose a few pounds' then all the better.
So....under supervision from the midwife & consultant i started slimming world 2 weeks ago - and although i'm having at least double the top amount of allowed syns I've lost 6lbs in 2 weeks! :D I have to show my midwife my food diary every week so she can see i'm eating enough but so far she's happy with it. Here's to a few more pounds going before bubs pops out! :)
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double congratulations hun on your pregnancy and on starting and losing 6lb while pg.
I admire you because I think it is so easy to say oh well i'm pg i'm gonna get big so I will eat what I want you have chose to control your weight and improve your pregnacy well done hun.
stick with sw after your baby born hun it falls of you just after having a baby I joined sw when my son was 2 weeks old (sept) and had lost 2 stone by xmas. it gives you that little boast to carry on.
good luck with everything hun

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Firstly congratulations on your news and secondly..well done on the loss whilst being pregnant!
When I fell pregnant with my Daughter, I couldnt stomach eating salads, fruit or veg...in fact anything healthy! It was horrible! Im hoping that when we try for number 2 it will be completely different!

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