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Slimming Worlds 12 superspeed soup

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by brennan72, 17 September 2012 Social URL.

  1. brennan72

    brennan72 Member

    Have joined a slimming world group. been at it now for 2 weeks this thursday..first week I lost 4 pds, didnt feel I deserved it because I ate alot of icecream, chocolate and had a few bottles of wine and cider. Anyhow really want a big weightloss this thursday so i bought the ingredients for the soup on friday and made a big pot on saturday.. alot goes into this soup and i was dreading that it would taste awful but it was delicous! Has anyone tried this soup and actually had a good weight loss? I will have this today for lunch and dinner and hopeful for the next few days until weigh in and will report the loss... hope I can stay off the chocolate and wine!!
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  3. sammi.alice

    sammi.alice Member

    Ive never tired it but ive heard its good, what goes in it? x
  4. brennan72

    brennan72 Member

    Hi sammi.alice,

    The Recipe

    • 1 can mixed bean salad
    • 1 can green lentils
    • 2 cans chopped tomatoes
    • 1 can baked beans
    • Handful of split lentils
    • 2 large leeks
    • 1 large onion
    • 4 medium carrots
    • 2 parsnips
    • Green, red & yellow pepper
    • 2 beef or chicken or vegetable stock cubes
    • Salt pepper
    • Mixed herbs
    • Water (enough to cover all ingredients)

    1. Chop and put all vegetables in pan
    2. Add all other ingredients
    3. Cover with water bring to boil and simmer until soft
    4. Can be left chunky or blended
    It does taste really good and makes loads.. my tip before making is have loads of individual freezer proof dishes so you can store it.
  5. brennan72

    brennan72 Member

    Use the largest pot you have. I also used 2 chicken stocks instead of the beef one.
  6. brennan72

    brennan72 Member

    Well had my SW weighin this morning and I had 3lb off.. was a little disappointed as it showed 5lb on my scales and my scales normally weigh me heavier than the SW's. Anyway its going in the right direction. Will keep on the soup for lunch times and I've decided to do a fish week for dinners.
  7. FinnFinn

    FinnFinn Full Member

    I have a question about the lentils - I only have dried ones, can I use these and would they need to be precooked?
  8. Kitty7

    Kitty7 Member

    I make lentil soup with dried split red lentils and they just go straight in the soup, no pre-soaking. They dont take long to cook either, about half an hour usually.
  9. brennan72

    brennan72 Member

    Still having this soup for lunch and have lost another 3lb.

    JBJLOVER Member

    Sounds scrummy :)
  11. brennan72

    brennan72 Member

    hi JBJlover, this soup is my favourite really filling and hearty will be great when the colder days come in. My SW weighin is tomorrow morning so im hoping it will be another 3lb which will give me my first stone off and I believe it will be down to the superspeed soup. Good luck to getting your stone off for xmas im in the same boat :D
  12. rachels700

    rachels700 Member

    Is this extra easy only or can have on red day ?
  13. shelly22

    shelly22 Full Member

    Hey I was going to ask too as I got mixed up yesterday had it for lunch but was doing a red day and don't think that's right as didnt syn it. Hope someone replies soon as I'm having it for lunch today too.
  14. toddles

    toddles Full Member

    lentils are not free on a red day neither are parsnips or beans, would estimate it to be quite high red day syns. Better off having it on an extra easy day or green day. Im having it for lunch all this week too after my maintain on tuesday.
  15. rachels700

    rachels700 Member

    Thanks thought as much Guess could leave these out on a red day thou
    Last edited: 12 October 2012
  16. brennan72

    brennan72 Member

    Soz, yes I am doing the exra easy plan and the superspeed soup is totally free on it. Had my SW weighin this morning and I have lost my first stone :D

    JBJLOVER Member

    On simmering away at mo, had no split lentils but added Worcester sauce to it too........tastes scrummy :eat:

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