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Just had a look online and they seem to have had quite good press. I would be tempted to try them if they were a tenner but for £30 I think I'll give it a miss for now! :)
have to say never heard of them have u got the link for them
Oh and Kazzy another thing a while ago there was a post on here about you making your own curry, I had a look at that mayflower stuff and i was just wondering what the consistency is like also i quite like hot stuff but also quite fussy, was just windering if its good enough to put with just chicken breast as i'm not a fan of onions or peppers unless their blended to nothing haha! x
I've tried Slimsticks after reading about it in the Daily Telegraph. Since taking them I don't tend to feel hungry and as a result I've stopped snacking in between means. I've also noticed that I'm eating a lot less. Fingers crossed it'll help me lose a few pounds.
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the longer you cook the curry the thicker it seems to get its a nice consitancy and if you wanted it hotter wouldnt take much to add some more spices to it,, i find adding garlic makes it hotter.

the slimsticks think ill stick to slimfast lol
Just had a curry had to buy a maykway one from morrisons as couldn't find mayflower one (have to order some of the internet) but it tasted a bit like chip shop curry sauce so not great but ah well, i put some chicken breast in there and just had with some spicy popadums didn't realise they had so little cals in them brucy bonus! although it didn't have any nutritional values on that curry powder? x

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