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slings and carriers

I bought a sleepy wrap, which I think is pretty much the same as a moby wrap. I bought it when my son was a few months old though, and he's a big boy, so was a little big to go in it for long. I could get him in it, and carry him around for a bit (he was around 20lbs, I think that's impressive!) I reckon it'd have been great if I'd used it since he was newborn, so I'd go for it if I were you!

The wraps and slings are much better for baby's back and pelvis apparently, as well as yours! Another forum I look at had loads of mums with them, and they did nothing but praise the sleepy wrap.

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I was looking at a moby and am going to do the same thing but a DIY version - I bought some rings for a ring sling as DH couldn't agree on a fabric with me! lol so we'll have one each. :D

They look lovely though and handy from the start. Mei tai's are highly recommended for when baby can hold it's head up too. Again can be made yourself if you're handy with a sewing machine.

There is a good site 'sling meet' that organise sling meets (funnily enough) in your area where you can get hands on with different slings etc, the website is great for 'seeing' different slings and reading reviews etc.


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We have only ever used slings with jocelyn (and she's now 15 months and 26lb 6.5oz so that's testament to how good they are!!)

We bought 4 types:

1st - premaxx sling, don't bother - we couldn't ever get her comfy and I sold it on ebay after she was 8 months old and we'd given up trying

2nd - ring, again, don't bother - I know they work for some people but I found they really strained my neck and just weren't comfy

3rd - Kari-me wrap sling, oh my life I couldn't praise this highly enough!! We used this from birth until she was about 10-11 months old, it was absolutley brilliant! Very comfy, allowed us to fully do attatched parenting, was brilliant for feeding on the go, lovely for carrying her in all day and an absolute godsend during colic!! We are using the same sling for wibbly and, again, have no intention of buying a buggy! This sling is wonderful, it's a stretchy wrap sling which means you actually tie it quite tightly to you - the weight of the baby is what creates the pouch for her to lie in. As a result there was no strain to my back/neck/pelvis and I have had a lotof problems with all 3 in the past so that was great for me! I preferred the karie-me to the moby as it is stretchier so it made it easier to tuck her head in when she fell asleep and also kept her warmer too in the cold but not too warm in the heat!

4th - a Mei-tai equivalent. We're still using this one now - we still have her on our front but that's because we want to be able to talk/interact with her although I don't know how many weeks I'll be able to keep her on my front before she has to go on my back!! We started using this at about 10-11 months and will do so until she's fully walking which won't be long now!

Some pics for you

6 days old - going home! (Kari-me sling)

2 months, 12 days old - legs sticking out now!

2 months 26 days, facing outwards!

She's in there somewhere! Last time I was able to wear her this way to sleep, 3 months and 23 days

5 months, 17 days, facing outwards

6 months 6 days, first time in the mei-tai

7 months, 3 days

7 months 18 days, asleep with daddy

No I'm not pg - it's a pickle! 7 months 13 days

Disadvantages of sling wearing - icecream being stolen! 10 months, 23 days in the mei-tai

12 months, 21 days on daddy's back

a day or two shy of 14 months

I know it's loads but it gives you an idea of their versitility and just how much slings can be a real contender for baby transport without the need to spend hundreds of pounds on a buggy!


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Sorry the screen is so distorted now - they were image links from photobucket and it's made them really big??


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Ooh, thought of another advantage last night too, because the sling cushions their heads, they don't get the flat head syndrome that you can get with them being on a surface too long (pram/cot etc) when they're always on their back!

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Great photo's!! how much walking / travelling you've done without a cumbersome pram in front of you... now THATS a bonus! lol
I love your cow print mei tai! lol


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Purple - honestly, it's been great!

This is where we got the cow-print one from, she does all sorts of different colours!

Snuggly Slings |

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Thanks :) I'll save that in my fav's. We are making a couple of ring slings for when baby is small but I plan a mei tai for me at least as baby will be too heavy soon enough for me on one shoulder. I'm not even sure I'll be able to support that weight as I injured my back in a riding accident last year. We're lucky that we've been given a big framed carrier with a hood and that opens up to make a 'chair' when you are out etc, it's great and DH can't wait to wear it! lol it's really light and I must say really well padded etc with strapping that goes around waist, ches and arms.
So you never know I may be able to wear that, but it's for when baby is a bit bigger.
Can you tell I plan on baby wearing a lot? lol


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I am absolutely ordering one of these tomorrow as soon as i get paid!!!

They look fantastic, and as i will be living in London soon, i cant think of anything better to get on the tube with etc, prams are a real no no!

Thanks so much ladies!!

ANDDDD she does them in cammo haha so Daddy will be happy carrying baby round with all his army friends!!



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im still undecided on the color lol but have my money saved now and will be ordering soon x;)