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Slow Cookers


Mad as a Hatter
Does anyone use a slow cooker on SW ? One of my friends bought one just after Christmas and they have been ranting on about how great they are ?
Do you set it up before you go to work ? what things do you make in it ?

Sorry for the silly questions but I am thinking of buying one and don't really want to waste my money..:D:D

Any comments would be appreciated.

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Hi Tracy,

I tend to make casseroles and stews in mine. You have to do the prep ie chop veg the same size etc before hand, but the beauty is that you can put them on a low setting and have a meal prepared for you when you get home. Chicken cooks beautifully.
I know Sarah on here uses her heaps and also makes a syn free curry in hers.
I love mine! I make creole chicken, whole gammon joints, lamb kleftiko, curries, stews, soups, chillis. I prepare the veg the night before, get up in the morning and chuck everything in. By the time I get home dinner is ready! You can get them very cheaply now. I've seen them in Asda for about £9 and about £10-12 in Argos.
I make the laziest stew ever in mine

I used a bag of ready chopped up casserole veg from Morrisons (its on offer at the mo)
or if i dont have that i used frozen veg any i have in
and ready chopped up stewing steak
and ready chopped up frozen onion
ready chopped up mushrooms
and i just bung it in with stock and leave it all day come home and its a lovely tea :)


Mad as a Hatter
Sounds good... Just been looking in Argos and they seem to have so many and a lot of them do loads of stuff such as rice cookers, porridge makers etc... going to have to go and check a few of them out.

Thanks for the input
I had a slow cooker/rice cooker/warmer (did other things but can't remember what) and the only thing i ever used on it was the slow cooker, i was looking at new ones last night and will just keep the cheap one from Argos. My mum has it and its great.


I am one of the 63336
I do my Sunday roast in the slow cooker. The smell doesn't waft through the house as much (which always makes me hungry and start picking).

It also doesn't crisp fat or chicken skin so the temptation to eat that isn't there either.


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I use mine a lot. I've even started cooking a whole chicken and whole roast pork joint in it. The meat doesn't dry out as much as it does in the oven, so it stays really moist and yummy. I also use mine for stews, casseroles and soup. I don't know what I'd do without mine now. I put it on when I get back from dropping Isabelle at Nursery and let it get on with cooking dinner, no hassle!

Go and buy one!! LOL
Silly question, as I do use one, but if you were making a chicken casserole in it for after you get home from work, do you put it on a low setting for all day - mine has a low, medium and high setting and I always seem to have mine on high...just wondering?
I tend to go by the rule that if I'm cooking it all day I'll set it on low. More than 5 hours, medium, up to 5 hours, high. dunno why, it just seems to work for me
I tend to go by the rule that if I'm cooking it all day I'll set it on low. More than 5 hours, medium, up to 5 hours, high. dunno why, it just seems to work for me

Thanks Annie thats a great help...thought I was doing it wrong! :8855:
i use my slow cooker for stew and dumplings.....use the light suet and count them as syns.......they work out at about 3 syns each....make curries, spag bol, chilli.........soup if i'm out all day i make it the night before and put it on in the morning......even made rice puddin in it...........
Edwin posted this when I asked for slow cooker recipies a while ago, i use it all the time but couldnt remember it..then realised its in a link below
I make a bean chilli which works great in my slow cooker - better than on the hob actually as the beans seem to cook better...

2 x tin tomatoes
1 x tin chickpeas
1 x tin kidney beans
1 x tin mixed beans
1 x chopped onion
2 tsp chilli powder (or more if you like a kick)
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbs cumin
1 tbs sweetner

Chuck it all in the slow cooker. That's it. I leave mine on automatic all day and then stick it on high for 1 hour before serving.

I have it with rice and usually save some to go on a jacket spud or to take for lunch during the week


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I got one in Tescos last week and came home to beef curry tonight, it was wonderful!


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I'm sure I've seen a recipe somewhere for polenta or couscous dumplings - ideal with the EE plan. I'll have a scout round for it. Unless it was a dream :rolleyes:
Stacey - how do you do your kleftiko please? Love it, and stifado and gyros and being on holiday lol :character00180:


Mad as a Hatter
Thanks for all the great comments on this thread... I have got an Indian Lamb Korma in the slow cooker at the moment and the whole kitchen smells fantastic.. hubby was unimpressed when I bought it but I think he might be changing his mind when he tastes it tonight...
Thanx once again...

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